Coober Pedy – Australia’s underground town photo essay

The scorching heat and devastating environment of outback Australia forced an entire township underground. It’s what you might expect from a mining community, but after a day exploring the mines, museums, homes, and churches of Coober Pedy, we couldn’t imagine doing it.

In this collection of travel photos, we try to share a taste of the abandoned kangaroos, mines, and ministries we found there.

02Australia 2011

This iconic sign welcomes you to Coober Pedy.

01Australia 2011

Warnings abound… and are somewhat defaced.

03Australia 2011

Our first look into the deep-down mines that became the community’s homes.

08Australia 2011

Some tools on display at the Old Timer’s Mine.

04Australia 2011

Even when well-lit, I found the spaces constricting. Click to enlarge this panorama.

09Australia 2011

A sky-light allows air and light to circulate.

05Australia 2011

Not everything’s underground. We visited a rescue centre for wounded kangaroos too.


Linda would like to make clear, she isn’t a wounded kangaroo.

10Australia 2011

These strange-looking trucks were used to suck up dust and rock from within the mines.

11Australia 2011

This church building is also carved from the rock! It’s part of the Comfort Inn motel.

12Australia 2011

And then it’s on the road again…

We travelled from Adelaide to Alice Springs with Adventure Tours Australia, and you can read about our trip with them here. Photos in this essay were taken at the Old Timer’s Mine, the Comfort Inn, and Josephine’s Gallery.

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