123 – Queensland adventures

Meet Hamish Cross and Adam Rikys. They’ve just finished a six-week Vantastic Adventure, travelling Queensland, Australia in a suped-up campervan and making the most of an array of outdoor activities.


In this interview we talk about the Vantastic programme, their favourite Queensland adventures, and get some advice on touring from Cairns to Brisbane as backpackers or independent travellers.

They were drawn to Queensland because of its reputation for fun, adrenaline sports and time on the beach. They were happy to report the trip met all their expectations! Highlights were centered around the coast: diving — especially night diving, fishing, skydiving and visiting Fraser Island all seem to be key to enjoying your time in the north east.

Video adventures

Hamish and Adam have been documenting their exploits on Youtube. Here are a few of our favourites:

And some more from the air:

You can see more of their journey here.

More Vantastic opportunities

Kristy and Carly have just started the New South Wales part of the trip, but there are still four legs of the Vantastic tour up for grabs. Listen and read more about the opportunities here.

Sponsor: Travellers’ Auto Barn

Travellers' Auto Barn logoHaving worked with vehicle rentals and sales for travellers for over 16 years, Travellers’ Auto Barn know a thing or two about Australian conditions. Here are their top 10 tips for travelling safely.

  • 1. Don’t drive at night in areas where there’s more dead kangaroos than live kangaroos.
  • 2. Campervans have a high centre of gravity and Falcon Wagons are rear wheel drive with lots of grunt. Be extremely careful if you are not familiar with these vehicles. It’s easy to roll a van and easy to lose control of a Falcon if you’re inexperienced.
  • 3. Give dirt roads / unsealed roads more respect, even 40km/h can be too fast if you’re not careful.
  • 4. Don’t hitchhike–not all people who hitchhike meet axe murderers, but some do.
  • 5. Check the inside edge of your front tyres regularly: poor wheel alignment causes tyres to scrub out quickly and a front tyre blow out is very scary.
  • 6. Always wear your seatbelt.
  • 7. If driving on left for the first time, leave the music off for a while and ask the person in the left seat to act as lookout.
  • 8. Don’t leave valuables visible inside your car when parking at popular tourist destinations.
  • 9. Do everything humanly possible to avoid overheating your car. If your temp gauge moves away from normal stop and call roadside assistance. Do not drive on.
  • 10. Beware of retirees, offering cups of tea at outback roadside rest stops–.it could be hours before you manage to get away again without being rude.

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  1. Mark October 28, 2010 at 1:08 am #

    What lucky young people they are! When I consider the amount of travel that this group have completed comparing to many others in not just Europe, but Australia too, we must reinforce the fortune of some is not necessarily personal income and financial wealth, but the ability to go out and taste what the world has to offer. Inspirational.

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