059 – Running late for a travel connection

Craig and Linda talk about what to do when you’re going to miss a connection: whether it’s a plane, train or automobile it’s horrible to find yourself running late for it!

This week, we met Chris from the Amateur Traveler podcast. It was great to finally meet a podcast-voice in real life! We had coffee opposite Harrods before he headed off to enjoy the rest of his holiday and we spent a frantic few days gardening, recording, coding and playing Wii tennis.

About two months ago we missed a flight from Vienna to London. In this episode we tell the story and give you our advice on what to do when you’re running late. Ideas include:

  • Be flexible
  • Make a plan
  • Don’t beat yourself up — keep it in perspective
  • Call ahead if it’s possible
  • Accept what you can’t change
  • Find a human to help
  • Gather as much information about your situation as possible

We hope this helps you next time you’re running late for a flight or any other connection.

At the start of this episode we mentioned Helen’s email on train travel in Britain. She tells us that it’s sometimes cheaper to buy first class tickets than standard ones! We’ll never understand British public transport, but this is a great tip. It follows on from the budget travel in Britain episode (and the redux).

Our listener link this week goes out to traveldodo.com — travel dos and don’ts for locations around the world. It’s an interesting idea.

If you’re booking a hostel in the near future, why don’t you book through us. It’s just a little booking site, but it has access to the entire hostelworld network and we get a small commission.


Stay tuned to the feed for our new video show, Travel Talks, which will be released on Monday. Along with the new homepage look, it makes for exciting times!

Photo thanks to izarbeltza.

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