We’ve scoured the world for some of the best things to do in July: cowboys in Canada, more bulls in Spain, bright processions in Cuzco, and a touch of the arts in Austria. Enjoy!

Calgary Stampede

Stampede Park, Calgary, Canada: July 5-14

Some of the best cowboys in the world come to Calgary to shake their chaps and show their skills in what’s been optimistically called the “best outdoor show on earth“. There’s rodeo, racing, and a fair amount of beer to wash the dust away.

Calgary Stampede.
Calgary Stampede.

Festival of San Fermin: The running of the Bulls

Pamplona, Spain: July 6-14

Race down narrow streets ahead of a confused and slightly annoyed herd of bulls before spilling out into the arena where the action really starts. Surviving the running of the bulls is a backpacker merit badge whether you’re watching from the balconies and stands, or hot-footing it with the locals. Afterwards, you can start the Camino Francés walk right from the centre of town.

San Fermín.
It’s not just about bulls — it’s a week-long street party.

Festival of the Virgen del Carmen

Paucartambo festival.
Paucartambo festival.
Paucartambo, Cusco, Peru: July 16

A mammoth procession in the grand style of South American Catholicism, the festival of the Virgen del Carmen is a chance to see indigenous costumes and dancers alongside the prestige and pomp of priests and laymen as they carry the float of the Virgin through town.

Salzburg Festival

Salzburg, Austria: July 19 to September 1

Since 1920 (with a brief interregnum during WWII) the Salzburg Festival has been one of the world’s most prestigious fine art events with a focus on opera and the performing arts. Starting in July and running for one-and-a-half months, you’ll have a chance to see the world’s best producers and performers in spectacular theatres, all in the home of Mozart.

I recommend you pick up a Salzburg Card for your visit — if you have time between performances.

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