Travel diary: False spring in Mödling

It’s been a week of work and varying temperatures: after a cold start, we were surprised to see the pharmacy thermometers displaying a temperature of 20ºC on Wednesday. But the temperature dropped at the weekend and snow’s predicted for next week — cold times! Luckily we spent most of our time inside: the Austrians certainly know how to do heating.

This little gallery was right next to the cafe where we based ourselves.

This little gallery was right next to the cafe where we based ourselves.

Monday 4/3: Our guesthouse didn’t have wifi, so we spent the morning working offline then had a tasty lunch of Chinese food before finding a cafe to work in for the afternoon. Wine and coffee prices are quite different to what we got used to in Spain — double, more or less.

Tuesday 5/3: After a morning of work, we decided to head to Shopping City Sud, the largest shopping centre in Austria. It took us a while to work out how to get there, since we couldn’t see any signs for it at the bus station, but we worked it out eventually. We managed to find almost everything we were looking for — a new shirt, socks and undies for Craig; stockings and a couple of tops for me, as well as an Austrian SIM card and a few other bits and pieces. We made the mistake of going into Ikea to look for a knife — and couldn’t get out again! I knew they like you to stay as long as possible and see everything on offer, but this was ridiculous.

When we were ready to leave, we couldn’t find the bus stop we needed (and no, it wasn’t just across the road from where we got off!). But after consulting the electronic map and asking two info officers, we eventually found it and made our way home for a tasty dinner of bean salad and guacamole.

This tiny market was open all week under the statue.

This tiny market was open all week under the statue.

Wednesday 6/3: We’re enjoying discovering the Austrian Tagesmenus, which are similar to the Spanish menus del día except that drinks aren’t included and you usually only have one choice. Today we went to an Italian place, where I had the Tagesmenu of chicken wings, coleslaw and a donut, while Craig chose the tagespizza. Yum.

Later on, I went for a run along the river, and while stretching afterwards I found that I could touch my toes! This might not seem like much of an achievement to you, but I’m extremely inflexible and have never been able to do it — and being able to was one of my goals for this year. So, yay!

After that, we recorded the podcast and Craig headed to the cafe in the city to upload it — better late than never!

Thursday 7/3: After a Tagesmenu lunch (mushroom soup then dumplings with sauerkraut), Craig managed to get the Internet working on his phone, which meant we could work from home for the rest of the day.

Although the sign says the water is drinkable, there was no water to be seen.

Although the sign says the water is drinkable, there was no water to be seen.

Friday 8/3: We’d hoped to go for a walk in the afternoon, but spent so much time over our tasty lunch that we couldn’t really fit it in. Instead, we ha icecream at Eis Peter, which is extremely popular — we’d seen hundreds of people go in over the week, many arriving on bicycles. Seems like a nice idea for an outing.

Saturday 9/3: After packing up and checking out, we left our bags in reception and finally headed out on our forest walk. We went through the main part of town, past the church and up a hill until we reached the castle at the top — it was very impressive, with great views of the town below.

The castle.

The castle.

After installing ourselves in our Vienna guesthouse, Craig got down to work and I went grocery shopping. I was very excited to find the cinnamon and liquorice Pukka tea that we’d been introduced to at Azul Fit — of course I bought a box, and the first thing I did back at the guesthouse was make myself a cup.

In the evening, we went for a short walk then settled in to do a bit more work — with two guidebooks launching on Monday we’ve been pretty busy.

Sunday 10/3: After a good breakfast, we had to change guesthouses again, which involved walking to the station, taking two s-bahn trains, and walking for another ten minutes. Our new place is very pleasant, with strong wifi and a kitchen — great for cooking dinner in! Of course, since all the shops were shut we ended up having kebabs for lunch and Chinese for dinner, but still — it’ll be good over the next week.

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  1. Sam March 17, 2013 at 10:44 pm #

    Good to see that week of yoga did something for your flexibility, Linda!

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