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We’ve been working on our latest book, Travel Safety: Safety Tips For Personal And Corporate Travellers for a few years now, and talking with security experts around the world has convinced me of one thing at least: there’s a lot more to travel safety alerts than meets the eye.

From hackers sending false press releases and security updates (some of which are reported as fact) to the use of government travel advisories to put economic or political pressure on tourism-driven economies, people looking at travel advisories have to be astute readers.

Most of us use public sources to investigate safety issues in our upcoming destinations: your government advisories, news stories, blog searches, Travel safety on Facebook (yes, that last one’s ours) are all go-to resources. Now, there’s a service that brings all this together.

The Tripsentry Service that this post reviewed is now out of business, and we’ve removed the redundant review. We’re working on an update to this right now.

Travel Safety and your trip

At the end of the day, you want to be safe while you travel. There’s no question about that.

But if I felt threatened, or I was considering cancelling a trip based on safety issues, my concerns over their source material would leave me cold. I’d be paying for a unique safety advisory from the pros.


Are you prepared for the unexpected?

A scam, a sickness, an emergency?

Our Travel Safety book will put you back in control of potentially dangerous situations.

Co-written by Craig Martin of Indie Travel Podcast and ex-UN Safety and Security trainer Craig Bidois, this is road-tested safety advice for all travellers.

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