Rounding up sheep at Panagea Estancia, Uruguay

As part of our Intrepid tour in South America, we spent three nights at Panagea Estancia in northern Uruguay. Hosts Juan and Susanna really make you feel welcome, but tourism is a secondary activity: first priority is the daily tasks of the farm. On the first day, Juan gave us a basic introductory lesson about how to saddle and ride a horse gaucho-style before a slow walk around the estancia, then in the afternoon, we helped round up sheep to be drenched.

For more about Uruguay, check out our Uruguay page.

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One Response to “Rounding up sheep at Panagea Estancia, Uruguay”

  1. Megan Jones April 17, 2012 at 11:32 am #

    What a neat way to vacation. For me when I travel to a foreign culture I really want to experience something that I would not experience anywhere else. Why would I go to Italy and have Pizza Hut? It seems like you really got a feel for what life is like for your hosts.

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