In today’s podcast we do something very special. Something we’ve never done before.

We interview the author of a guidebook that we have published! That’s right!! Here’s Stephanie Ockerman, author of this Buenos Aires guidebook, with her insider’s guide to Buenos Aires.

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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Ockerman, author
Stephanie Ockerman, author

Stephanie decided to take a year off and travel South America, but that year became two… and then a bit more. She started blogging at The Travel Chica, and became an expert in Indie Travel on the continent.

After living in Buenos Aires for six months, she travelled further; and then returned to the city to research and write the Buenos Aires guidebook from Indie Travel Guides.

In this podcast, we talk about the city, disarm the cliches, and discover the experience of travel in the “Paris of South America”.

Get a preview of the Buenos Aires guidebook

The guide is one of a new series from us! Each book includes things to do, custom-made itineraries, and listings organised by neighbourhood and theme, so you can eat local or eat exactly what you’re craving for.

There’s a free preview of the Buenos Aires guidebook available here – Go pick it up and take a look.

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