Adelaide, South Australia, has a reputation for being a bit boring. Locals know this isn’t true, but they’re not making much of an effort to tell the world the truth, preferring to keep the secret to themselves.

There are all sorts of adventures to be had in Adelaide, if you just start looking for them, and one of the best is going kayaking with dolphins with Adventure Kayaking South Australia. The half-day tour takes place in Port Adelaide, about 30 minutes from the CBD and accessible by public transport.

Always aware of health and safety, our guide gave us a briefing and issued us with life jackets before explaining how to use the kayaks. Working together, we carried the kayaks down to the water and paddled out to meet the dolphins, who seemed to be waiting for us. David had explained that we couldn’t get too close to the dolphins, but that didn’t stop them coming to us — some of them swam alongside and under the kayaks, emerging with a smile on the other side.

Our first destination was a mangrove swamp. We paddled up a small creek and pulled to a stop in a clearing, where David explained the importance of mangroves to the environment and the economy. There were dolphins waiting for us when we emerged from the mangroves; we followed them upstream a little, where the water was warmer as a result of discharge from a nearby power plant. Eventually we had to turn around, and floated back past our starting point and into an inlet, where several ships have found their final resting place. David explained the history of each one, as well as telling us about the importance of the area for the local Aborigines, after which we turned and battled the tide back to the jetty.

A tour with Adventure Kayaking SA was more than just about kayaking, or dolphins, though both of those were certainly part of the experience. We also got a valuable insight into the culture and history of the area, as well as a bit of a workout!

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  • Great article! I am so jealous you are kayaking in S. Australia. How many dolphins did you end up seeing during the trip? Any comment on what kind of package prices are available? Thanks for the post, I enjoyed the video! Ryan

    on May 1, 2012 at 3:23 pm Reply
  • Hey Ryan, thanks for the comment. We started off seeing a group of around four or five dolphins, then later on three or four more (which were probably the same ones...). Here's a link to the prices:, they start at around A$45.

    on May 6, 2012 at 3:33 pm Reply

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