What have we been up to for the last four months? Travelling South America, that’s what. This podcast gives us a chance to tell some stories, give you some destination tips, and let you know why we’ve come back to New Zealand for the summer.

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We flew into Buenos Aires and spent several weeks there, studying Spanish and hanging out in San Telmo. We also did two excellent Buenos Aires tours, which we really enjoyed.

Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires by night

We spent time with friends and did a bit of a road trip from La Plata to Mar del Plata and Balcarce, then we headed over to Uruguay.


We travelled from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro with Intrepid, and that included three stops in Uruguay: Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo, and at Panagea Estancia. We had far too little time in all of them, but it was a great time.

Rounding up sheep on horseback


We entered Brazil at Foz do Iguacu and spent a few days exploring the falls. We took advantage of these two Iguacu Falls tours this time around, and found our guide helpful.

rainbow over iguacu falls brazil
Rainbow over the Iguacu Falls, from the Brazilian side

Next was a few days of quaint paradise in Paraty and then Ihla Grande. Wonderful spots, and always a pretty view to greet you.

From there we were on to Rio de Janiero, which we really enjoyed. The place was fun, fresh, and sunny! We had great couchsurfing hosts for the whole time we were there, staying in Copacabana, Ipanema and Santa Teresa: we can recommend all of them!

On the boat from Ihla Grande to Rio

We also spent a few days with friends in and around Macae in the north: there’s so many fantastic beaches here, it’s well worth the drive up.


We started our trip in the shopping destination of Ciudad del Este, then headed south to Encarnación. This was a fascinating place, with the Jesuit ruins taking centre stage around the countryside.

Column of a cloister, with the squat, fortified bell tower

From there, it was on to the capital, Asunción. We didn’t really like it there, and didn’t have time to explore further north, so dropped straight back down into Argentina after a couple of days.

We talked a lot about our itinerary in this Paraguay podcast — so that’s where the detailed tips are.

And back to Argentina

We spent several weeks volunteering in Salta, Argentina part-time, while spending time with our friends Leigh and Noah. Salta is a beautiful place with lots of things to do and we were privileged to spend so long there.

Salta cathedral at night
Salta cathedral at night

It’s a 20-hour bus trip between Salta and Buenos Aires, but that’s what we did next! We were super-tourists in our last few days in the country; pretty much trying everything on this list of things to do in Buenos Aires … and eating lots of good food too!

Doing everything we did over the last four months was a real blast. We hope you enjoyed the journey too — we’re looking forward to New Zealand for summer, then heading back to Europe (via Asia) for another summer next year.

Mural on the antiques market building, Palermo ‘Hollywood’, Buenos Aires

Excited about South America? Check out our travel-planning resources or the best places in South America.

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