Following up on our close call with the Chile earthquake, we talk through our response to a natural disaster and offer some tips and advice along with our story.

To listen, hit play below or find episode 145 in iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud:

Craig Bidois from emailed in some more tips, so our personal experience is supplemented by a professional approach to risk management and planning following an earthquake.

Advice for travel after a disaster:

  • Contact family
  • Contact your embassy
  • Use online networks to communicate you are safe
  • If secure, stay put and gather information
  • Get out and find out what the feeling on the street is.
  • Be aware of water/food supplies, as well as cash

There’s more ideas and more details in the podcast but the over-arching theme is the more prepared you are and the more information you have to hand, the quicker and better you can react to events around you.

Matador has put together some good resources on preparing for a disaster which, admittedly is more tailored to at home than on the road. If you can, please make a donation to the Chile earthquake relief fund — your help is needed here.

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