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Here are our picks for budget accommodation in Shanghai, China. There are hundreds of hostels, guesthouses and BnB’s in the city, but these are our favourites from the best-reviewed hostels. You can spot where they are on the accommodation map below.

Mingtown Nanjing Road Youth Hostel

No.258 Tianjin Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China 200002

The fourth installment in the Mingtown chain is one of Shanghai’s most-popular hostels. It’s close to all the main things to do in Shanghai and close to metro line two. Consistently gets great reviews for its location, staff, safety and value for money. Discounts for people with HI cards.

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The Phoenix Hostel

17 South Yunnan Road, Shanghai, China 200433

The Phoenix rises close to the People’s Square metro station, which puts it within walking distance to many museums and cultural attractions in central Shanghai. Each dorm and room has its own bathroom, and rooms are reasonably sized, if not large by Shanghai standards. In 2010, it was ranked in the top 3 hostels for ‘best located hostel in Asia’, and it also consistently ranks well for staff and safety — but cleanliness is average.

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Mingtown Etour Youth Hostel

55 Jiangyin road, Huangpu Dist, Shanghai, China 200003

Also close to the People’s Square metro, the hostel is build in a residential style with an interior courtyard, which is great. The hostel has a bar, laundry, internet access — and guests get a 20% discount at the coffee shop.

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Rock&Wood International Youth Hostel

No.278, lane 615, ZhaoHua Road, (opposite No.551 WuYi Road), At the side of KaiYuan School Shanghai, China 200050

Rock&Wood hostel has a great vibe, but guests mark it down for location — even though it’s close to metro line two and three, it’s not right on the main drag. There’s a big screen for movies, bar and reading lounge and free, fast wifi throughout the whole place.

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Mingtown People’s Square Youth Hostel

No.35 Yong Shou Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China 200021

Another popular offering in the Mingtown franchise, this hostel is close to main attractions, but off the main streets — meaning there’s heaps of street vendors and more ‘local’ restaurants nearby. Consistently liked for its security, location and location.

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