Cheap accommodation in Suzhou

There are multiple options for budget accommodation in Suzhou, but we’ve selected the best for you. Unfortunately there isn’t a strong Couchsurfing community here, so hostels are the best budget option.

Our hostel reviews are below, or see all hostels in Suzhou here.

Mingtown Suzhou Youth Hostel

28 Pingjiang Rd., Suzhou, China 215005

Well located near a canal, with many attractions within walking distance — including some of the Suzhou gardens. This hostel is part of the popular Mingtown group (see budget accommodation in Shanghai). Highest-rated hostel in all of Suzhou, although it suffers a little on the facilities ranking, people enjoy the staff, location and value.

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Joya International Youth Hostel

21-1 Daxinqiao Lane, Pingjiang District, Suzhou, China 215005

Joya is housed in a historic building protected by the local authority, but the amenities are modern … No worries there. Near a canal and within reach of attractions and things to do, it’s a nice quiet little spot with only 28 beds.

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Suzhou MingHanTang International Youth Hostel

Guangji RD Shantang ST., Suzhou, China 215008

This hostel trails the other options in Suzhou with only a 75% approvate rating for cleanliness, atmosphere and facilities. However, the location is good and bus #1 passes right outside, convenient for getting to and from the hostel from the train station and many attractions.

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