Wherever you bring in the New Year, there’s plenty more things to do in January. After you’ve shaken off your Hogmanay hangover, check out…

Another New Year’s Festival

Kham-Ti, Myanmar: January 14-16

The Naga celebrate their New Year from January 14-16, so if you didn’t get enough at the end of December, you can start all over again. In Kham-Ti and the surrounding region, celebrations start during the day and continue until nightfall, when bonfires are lit and the party keeps going.

Expect costumes, expect sports, expect dance and music, and expect a feast.

Carnaval de Blancos y Negros

Pasto, Colombia: January 5-6

It started with a moon festival and turned into a celebration of multi-culturism, but the “blacks and whites carnival” is everyone’s party these days. In an attempt to turn everyone either black or white, on one day the face-paint comes out and on another, talcum is thrown. Think of Songkran — Bangkok’s massive water fight — or Holi — that colourful Indian celebration — but turn it all two-tone.

On other days of the festival, you’ll see a lot more colour — this is Colombia, after all!

Harbin International Ice & Snow Festival

Zhaolin Park and Sun Island Park, Harbin, China: January 5 – February 15

If you’re after something a bit more restrained, Harbin’s fabulous winter festival starts up in January and continues right through to mid-February. Held in the depths of winter, the festival revolves around an amazing array of fanciful and elaborate ice sculptures, including re-creations of famous buildings and structures.

The Venice Carnival

Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy: January 26 – February 12

Venice’s famous masks are based in the sensuality of the Carnevale Venezia. This is the time to visit the water-bound city if you want to make the most of a party atmosphere. There are processions through the streets, mock-battles, and the highlight: the Grand Masked Ball. It’s time to pull on your dancing shoes, pull on your mask, and go find a party.

(If you’re heading to Venice this month, I’d make the most of it and add in this amazing food and wine tour. We ate so much better here than on our previous two visits to Venice.)

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What are you up to in January? Doing something better than this? Tell us in the comments, and make us all jealous.

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