A Venitian goldola regetta, a nomad festival, moon cakes for all, and a few weeks of hedonistic drinking… September could be a big month for you!

Regata Storica

Venice, Italy: September 1

The world’s most famous canals play host to the Regata Storica this month. The event starts with a procession of gondolas along the Grand Canal, with gondoliers in period dress. Following that, races begin. Find space wherever you can, canal-side, or you can buy tickets to a floating platform for €50.

Cure Salee, Festival of the Nomads

In-Gall, Niger: September 15 – October 6

Cure Salee translates into Salt Cure, and marks the end of the rainy season in West Africa. A traditional nomadic festival, it has become more controlled and mainstreamed by the government in recent years with the biggest part of the festival happening in In-Gall. At times shut down because of security issues, the government and sponsors are trying to meld it into a symbol of a unified Niger culture. Wikipedia has an interesting write-up and links for further reading.

Zhong Qiu Jie (Moon Cake Festival)

China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries with significant Buddhist populations: September 19

It’s time to head down to your local Chinese bakery, because the mooncakes are coming out! This festival is connected with several legends, from the man and lady of the moon to a Chinese rebellion. It’s a romantic time with many choosing to get married now, and perfect for moon-gazing.

You don't have to travel to celebrate Moon Cake Day... just find a Chinese bakery!
You don’t have to travel to celebrate Moon Cake Day… just find a Chinese bakery!


Munich, Germany: September 21 – October 6

How do you feel about King Ludwig I getting married? Back in 1810? Well, if you’re heading to Munich for the world’s most famous beer festival, you’ll still be celebrating it in the fields named after Ludwig’s new wife: the Teresienwiese. Munich is at its busiest, and absolutely heaving with stein-swinging foreigners in lederhosen. If it all gets too much, Nuremberg also celebrates Weisn, but in a more relaxed way.

If you like beer and crowds, Oktoberfest is for you.
If you like beer and crowds, Oktoberfest is for you.

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