We’d all like to learn languages faster, right?

It’s possible to have above-average language uptake without spending thousands on schooling and books. In fact, some people spend all that money and don’t actually learn anything.

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Learn a language? Me?

English is certainly the most international language at the moment, and if you’re a native speaker you have an advantage when it comes to travel: even if English isn’t the local language, you’ll probably be able to find someone who speaks it almost anywhere you go.

However, learning another language is definitely worthwhile. Apart from the communication benefits, you’ll also be exercising your brain and staving off Altzheimer’s.

Learn languages faster

Learning languages takes a lot of work, but we’re finding it less and less stressful, and more and more fun with each time around. In this podcast we discuss what we’ve learned from trying to learn German via Spanish, when our first language is English. We also talk with language-learning expert Benny Lewis from Fluent in Three Months about getting started, progressing to conversational fluency, and more.

You can also: discover how to Learn a language while travelling, begin to speak from day one, or listen to this language-hacking interview with Benny the Irish Polyglot.

Looking for Benny’s book? Here’s the book and new video course too

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