Are you just out of high school or college? Retired? Care about the environment and want your travels to make a difference? Want to polish your resume in the meantime?

Working on sustainable projects is a great way to make this dream a reality. You have the opportunity to see the world in a meaningful way, as well as contributing to the local environment. There are a variety of options to choose from – just find the one that suits you best, and go for it!

Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

hosts offer volunteers food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles. WWOOF organizations link people who want to volunteer on organic farms or smallholdings with people who are looking for volunteer help. Visit the WWOOF website to search for your perfect farm work stay.

Lotan Kibbutz
in Israel has opportunities for volunteers to learn about organic agriculture, permaculture and sustainable living as well.

Try an internship

Sound simple? Interning is often the easiest way to earn your keep and travel too. Look for causes and organizations you believe in. Jump-start your search at Idealist.

Eco-resort jobs

Gardening, cooking, building tree houses, the experience of working on an eco-resort requires one to be a jack-of-all trades. The Black Sheep Inn in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador takes volunteers, as does Saba Ecolodge on Saba Island in the Caribbean. Search for opportunities around the world on the Eco Tropical Resorts website.

Environmental education camps

Love kids? Environmental education camps offer myriad opportunities to work and travel. Look at for international placements.

Become a research assistant

Visit university job sites such as Texas A & M University to find local and international opportunities. Also try looking into field research stations, some take volunteers and will provide room and board. It may even lead to a career change!

Work with wildlife

There are many opportunities throughout the world to work in as a wildlife rehabilitator. Greece, Bulgaria, Finland, and Venezuela are a few countries with many organizations. The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and Green Volunteers are good places to start. Wildlife tracking is lesser known as an option but just as rewarding.

Park work

National and international opportunities abound. In the USA try CoolWorks or The Student Conservation Association.

There are so many options to choose from, there’s sure to be one that will allow you to follow your dream. Whether you end up working as a teacher, researcher or rehabilitator, follow your passion and you can’t go wrong.

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  • any thoughts on how to do this while dragging a husband and 2-year-old girl?

    on June 25, 2009 at 1:55 am Reply
  • Are there any eco resort jobs internationally?

    on June 26, 2009 at 10:03 am Reply
  • I wouldn't drag them, Jen: they get heavy :) Travelling with kids is certainly possible though -- we know quite a few people doing extended (1 year+) trips with four month to 15 year old kids. I have no ideas for work-finding resources. Anyone? Another (American) resource is Sheryl Kayne's Immersion Travel USA.

    on June 29, 2009 at 11:56 am Reply

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