An interview with Baker from Man vs Debt

Would you think of world travel as a way to cut down your costs and cut down your debt? That’s exactly what Baker and his family started doing a few years ago.

With their young daughter Milligan leading the charge, they travelled in Oceania and Asia before returning “home” to the United States.

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Talking about visas, working overseas and problems with all of that

Life in suburban Australia just didn't work out. (Photo, Craig Martin)
When they set off, the plan was to work in Cairns, Australia and make the most of the amazing diving opportunities right next to their apartment. What they didn’t realise was that having a “dependent” (a child, in non-government parlance) meant they couldn’t get the work and holiday visas they were relying on. With no time to change their plans, they still went to Australia hoping to make something work.

It was next to impossible, so they moved down to Auckland, New Zealand where they were quickly able to find work and — although the diving didn’t happen — a lifestyle. Travelling from there the three of them found a workable pattern of travel and Baker put a pile of work into his personal finance blog, Man Vs Debt. The family proved it was possible to cut down their US consumer debt and travel the world with a child.

Sell your crap – Downsizing for a better life

Where Man Vs Debt really kicks in for the Indie Travel Podcast community is undoubtably Baker’s passion for fixing up your finances. One particular way is by selling all the crap around your house. When you live out of a backpack for years at a time, you realise you don’t need things to make you happy and, in fact, things you bought to make you happy end up tying you down and making your life feel cluttered and stressful.

sell your crap
Sell Your Crap - A key point in downsizing and going debt-free.

Less stuff, less stress. And if you can sell some of that stuff, that means more money and less debt too.

Have a listen to our interview in iTunes or press the play button at the top of this article, then head over to Man Vs Debt and take a look around. Baker has two ebooks for sale that you might find useful: Unautomate Your Finances shows you how to get out of debt, and Sell Your Crap is the ultimate guide for offloading your possessions for cash.

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Your thoughts on "Travel with your family and pay off your debt podcast"

  • I'm living with my wife and daughter in Central Mexico right now and it has been a huge boon to our finances. We've paid off debt, don't need a car, and can enjoy life more while spending less. One thing that makes a massive difference is the huge reduction in health care costs. Just paying out of pocket for everything (including the dentist), in 4.5 months we haven't spent close to what we did for even one month of health insurance premiums at home.

    on November 26, 2010 at 2:28 pm Reply
  • It's amazing how cheap travel can be, especially if you're coming from a very expensive country, like the States or Australia. As Baker pointed out in the interview, it's not possible to save if you're trying to live both lives: the house, car and subscriptions of 'home' along with the tickets, meals and accommodation of travel. Tim, I'm assuming you also have some travel insurance for emergencies or big-ticket operations/evacuaction, etc?

    on November 26, 2010 at 6:44 pm Reply
  • Loved this interview! It was inspiring to hear Baker's story what he and his family have on the fire for the next thing! Traveling with my son for the past year an a half, I know it can be done super affordable. Thanks for a wonderful interview!

    on November 27, 2010 at 10:12 am Reply

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