Would you consider driving a third of the way around the world with strangers for two months over some of the toughest terrain on the planet? Does this sound like torture to you? It might once you discover their music tastes.

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Even the most intrepid travelers may shun this idea, but for four over forty travel bloggers this is just another adventure in their already crazy year of travels.

Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil of ThePlanetD, Rick Griffin of Midlife Road Trip and Sherry Ott of Ottsworld and Meet Plan Go! are a team of internet travel personalities participating in the adventurous and somewhat absurd Mongol Rally this summer. This Social Media Syndicate are preparing for the trip of a lifetime, and Indie Travel Podcast is right behind them.

What is the Mongol Rally?

The Mongol Rally will see them through through 15 countries, in an unsupported 10,000 mile road rally from London, England to Ulanbaatar, Mongolia. Unsupported means this is them against the open road, in a car that is not meant to be driven to lengths which they intend to drive it. And yes, they don’t really know one another; but I’m sure they will after this adventure!

Mongol Rally 2011 - Mongolian kids on the dusty road
Mongolian kids on the dusty road

It’s not just an epic trip, the Mongol Rally is a charity rally designed to help the people of Mongolia while inspiring the adventurer in all of us. The reason the four of them took on this adventure is to raise money for a great international cause. The team is raising money for the Christina Noble Foundation and to Adventures for Development. The Christina Noble Foundation provides assistance and a home for abandoned or homeless children and gives them a new chance in life through education and a safe place to live.

Plus, immediately following their arrival at Ulanbaatar, their automobile will be handed over for charity to Adventures for Development where they will decide where it will be best utilized in the country.

Meet the 2011 Social Media Syndicate Mongol Rally team

Expect to hear much more about this team of midlife bloggers on ITP as we are eager to support and follow their adventures and mishaps this summer. Here’s your chance to learn a bit more about them before they take off on the open road.

Mongol Rally 2011 - Social Media Syndicate
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Sherry Ott – Ottsworld

Sherry is a refugee from corporate IT who is now a long term traveler, blogger and photographer. Sherry has been blogging about her travels on Ottsworld since 2006. She also is a co-founder of the career break travel site, Meet Plan Go! She travels and photographs off-the-beaten path places and challenges herself with things most people wouldn’t do such as learn how to ride a motorbike in Vietnam. She was the ‘instigator’ of this crazy Mongol Rally idea, and I’m sure at some point she will be blamed for the whole thing! She is a nomad without a home and is the only one of the team who has actually been to Mongolia before. Visit Ottsworld or Meet, Plan, Go.

Rick Griffin of Midlife Road Trip

Rick is a forty something year-old adolescent with ADD hitting the road as therapy for his midlife crises. As Founder/Creator and co-host of the Midlife Road Trip, Rick makes the most of midlife by pursuing his bucket list and encouraging others to do the same. After a brush with death in 2004, Rick re-evaluated his priorities, sold his business and began to pursue his creative passions in travel, writing and video production. Visit the Midlife Road Trip.

Dave and Deb of ThePlanetD

Dave and Deb enjoy crossing continents, the last being the Tour d’Afrique in 2008 where they cycled from Cairo to Cape Town where Deb was woman’s Champion and Dave became a part of the EFI Club (Cycling Every Fabulous Inch) For the past 10 years they have climbed, paddled, hiked and biked their way through 5 continents.  Dave is an artist with his camera and his photography is not to be missed. Visit The Planet D.

So if you don’t have a big trip planned this summer, then live vicariously through these guys and follow their ultimate road trip! They will need all of the support they can get! In an upcoming podcast, we’ll be speaking to the crew and finding out how we can support their adventures and the charities they are supporting.

Visit the Social Media Syndicate homepage to find out how you can get involved.

Photos supplied. Updated on 9 May with a podcast interview with Rick. To listen, hit play above or check in iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud.

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