Waiheke Island, Auckland plays host to the annual sculpture exhibition Sculpture on the Gulf. These photos from the most-recent exhibition are courtesy of travel writer, photographer and film-maker Scott Kennedy. To us, they seem to ask more questions than they answer, while doing an excellent job of showing off the natural beauty of the island and the creative inspiration of the artists.

waiheki island (2)
A still day on the bay

ice sculpture waiheki island
Is it ice?

waiheki island grasses
What do you see?

waiheki island (9)

waiheki island (7)
A tower to climb?

waiheki island (6)
Or does this raise the most questions?

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  • Waiheke Island is considered by many, including Aucklanders, to be the most magical part of the Auckland experience. Also the Island offers lots of accommodations for a comfortable and unforgettable travel. Editor's note: Please use human names when commenting on Indie Travel Podcast.

    on October 20, 2011 at 9:48 am Reply

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