I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at the Kirkenes airport in Norway. My knowledge of the area pretty much consisted of the Northern Lights (which unfortunately I have yet to see), and the 24-hour sun/darkness it experiences in the different seasons. However the history in the Finmark county, and the landscape have blown me away.

There was one point I actually became too overwhelmed to take a photo. I was on the way to Hamingberg, the most northern point of the country, where rocky mountains met the clearest blue ocean I’ve ever seen. Finmark has these amazing mountains and beautiful beaches, even if it is too cold to swim.  All of these landscapes are only enhanced by the surrounding fishing villages with the traditional colourful houses with grass on the roofs.

Finmark is a completely underrated and untouristy destination, one that you have to see for yourself.

Grense Jakobselv Beach
Grense Jakobselv beach
Nesseby Church
A small church beside a lake in Nesseby
Grass roof
Traditional Norwegian roofs use grass to insulate the house.
Witch Trial Monument
Ninety-one women were executed after being convicted of practicing witchcraft. This is a beautiful memorial located in the spot the women were burned at the stake.
The Witch's Chair
Part of the memorial consists of a chair with an eternal flame looking out to the countryside.
Above the chair are five large mirrors, all reflecting the flame.
the life saver
On the dock in a small fishing town.
Mountain Top
My friend Derek on top of a mountian in Grense Jakobselv.
Across the Fjord
The mountains across the fjord belong to Russia. You can see the land, and even drive next to the border, but it is highly patrolled.
Jakobselv Church
In 1886 Norway was considering building a military base on this mountain to patrol the Norwegian-Russian border. Instead they built a church to let the Russians know they were there, and there has never been a problem at this border.
The end of the road
In Grense Jakobselv the road literally ends at the sea.

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  • Really like the minimalist style of your wording with this posting, the images tell you a great deal. But because you use so few words to accompany them, they have more weight and resonate far more. The figure of 91 women seems so high, but still a great reminder that developed nations have pasts that can equal the horrors and brutality that is perpetrated in other parts of the world today.

    on April 10, 2012 at 7:33 pm Reply

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