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The Art of Solo Travel: A Girls’ Guide is launching June 1. Sign up now for a 20% discount on launch!

Get where you want to

Feed the pigeons in Rome, hike in the Himalayas, brunch on the Sydney waterfront, party all night in Bangkok and then move on to Buenos Aires. Don’t let your single status stop you from exploring the world.

Women travelling solo?

People do it you know! The Art of Solo Travel: A Girls’ Guide will answer your practical questions, relieve you of your fears, and get you out the door, enjoying the world in all its fullness.

Stephanie’s done it

Stephanie Lee, author of the Art of Solo Travel, A Girls' Guide
Stephanie Lee, author of the Art of Solo Travel, A Girls' Guide
Stephanie Lee is a woman who has certainly travelled solo! With over 20 countries behind her, she brings her experience to you in over 40 pages of well-written, beautifully designed advice.

Turning 30 was an enigma for me. After achieving expected milestones – the steady partner, the career ladder, the coveted house behind the picket fence – I found myself in limbo.

All of a sudden I experienced a scattered sense of identity and started to rethink life. Unable to tolerate the rat-race and conform to society any longer, I quit my job as an architect, left the partner I was about to marry, sold the house I was working to pay for, and said goodbye to my friends and all that was familiar to embark on open-ended extended solo travel.

I left my entire life in Sydney in the hope that travel would reveal marvellous and meaningful experiences, and that I might be able to answer unanswerable questions for myself. The path was vague but like a rolling stone I wandered along and soon discovered that I was good at travelling on my own. I documented my adventures through three continents, 20 countries, and over 50 cities.

My journey tested me physically and mentally, but the experiences I gained – couchsurfing with 30 strangers all over Europe, crab-hunting in the Arabian Gulf, attending secret siestas with the Spanish, climbing an active South-East Asian volcano at dawn – will stay with me forever.

My journey is now over and the result is the creation of this book. I hope that it will help other girls on their own search for adventure and inspiration, and have as awesome a time as I did. Travelling rules.

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