Much has been said about Western European food, but finding information about the traditional meals of Central and Eastern Europe is a little more difficult. While planning my trip to Slovakia I tried to do some research into what food I’d be eating (and, of course about the beer), but I wasn’t very successful. However, four months in Bratislava has given me enough time to find Slovakia’s unmissable foods.

1. Bryndzové Halušky

Wikipedia translates it as “potato dumplings with bryndza sheep cheese and bacon”. Halušky is the potato dumpling, which is similar to Italian gnocchi, and bryndza is a soft (and tasty) sheep’s cheese which is originally from Slovakia and is a typical flavour here. If you prefer, in some restaurants you can ask for the bacon bits to be replaced with fried squares of sausage instead. Around €3.50.

Bryndzové Halušky

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