This month we’ve got a great collection of festivals for you to choose from: an unusual tooth-based parade, the world’s most prestigious side event in the Edinburgh Fringe, the best tango in the world, and a chance to get dirty in the world’s biggest tomato fight. That’s a whole lot of world to explore.

The Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh, Scotland: August 2-26

The world’s most famous celebration of alternative and up-and-coming performance art takes place pretty much all month long. The festival’s been an important turning point in the career of countless British comedians – and you can pick up your program for 2013 here to see who’s going to have the chance to get bigger, stranger, and funnier this month.

Edinburgh in August is awesome.
Edinburgh in August is awesome.

Esala Perahera – Sri Lanka’s Tooth Festival

Kandy, Sri Lanka: August 11-21

Here’s a story that caught my eye… Legend has it that during the Buddha’s cremation, one of his followers managed to steal a tooth from the Buddha’s jaw. It was smuggled across India in the hair of a Sri Lankan princess who, along with her husband, dressed as Brahmins (priests) to help their travels.

As holy relics go, this was some scoop and — over 1,500 years later — it’s still celebrated with a parade and festivities. Maybe it’s time to head over to Sri Lanka?

Everyone gets involved...
Everyone gets involved…

This video of some of the parade was sent in by Ivan Henares:

Tango: Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina: August 13-27

It’s not just a tango festival in the heart of Buenos Aires, it’s also the home of the 2013 Dance World Cup. If you’re a dancer you already know all about this, but if you’re a casual fan there’s no better time to book your flight to Buenos Aires and see everything the city has to offer as well as a celebration of its dance.


La Tomatina

Buñol (Valencia), Spain: August 28

The world’s biggest tomato fight has a special place in our hearts after we accidently went in 2010. Valencia’s a wonderful city to explore — a beautiful old town and the city of Arts and Sciences in there too — and it’s the best place to stay. Don’t drink too much the night before though: you don’t want to be throwing tomatoes with no room to move with a hangover. Read our guide on how to do La Tomatina to be in the know.

la tomatina festival, valencia, spain 03
Let the tomatoes fly!

If you’ve got photos or a story to share about any of these events, we’d love to share them with the Indie Travel Podcast Community. Email us today.

What are you up to in August? Doing something better than this? Tell us in the comments, and make us all jealous.

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