It’s a small city in the north-west of Spain; popular with Spanish and Portuguese tourists, but surprisingly ignored by most other European travellers, and those from further abroad.

Discover why we ended up in A Coruna, what there is to do, and where to find the best octopus you’ll ever eat.

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Things to do in A Coruna

We’ve been making the most of cool days to visit the many modern museums and galleries that are free, or close-to-free (€2 for the most part).

Neon jellies at the A Coruna Aquarium

So far, favourites include the aquarium with its Jules Verne “Nautillus” room; and the fine art museum (Museo de Bellas Artes) for a well-curated display of Gallician, Spainish and European works, plus a great temporary photography exhibition when we visited this week.

There’s plenty of good walking tracks, including that to the panoramic viewpoint of Monte San Pedro and along the kilometres of wonderful white-sand beach. We’re looking forward to the weather heating up, and spending some more time there.

Thanks to Dave Dean from Too many adapters for exploring with us this week; and coming up with this suitable quote:

The best damn octopus I've had in my life... In A Coruna

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