It’s amazing, but we’ve managed to spend an entire calendar week in one country – who would have thought it possible? Sweden has been very good to us: wine is cheaper than we’d been led to believe but transport is just as overwhelmingly expensive as the rumors hinted.

9/8 Monday Unfortunately Terese was summoned into work so she couldn’t spend the day with us, but we headed out with her around lunchtime to explore on our own. Goteborg is a lovely city, full of nice neighbourhoods and parks – we visited the Botanic Gardens, a neighbourhood called Haga, and a fortress on the top of a hill that had nice views of the city.

In the evening, Therese and Ola took us for a walk around their neighbourhoood and we stopped to feed apples to some grateful Highland cows. Then they proceeded to cook us a tasty Swedish meal and we sat around chatting for hours.

10/8 Tuesday It was an earlier start than we’re accostomed to – we had to leave the house at 9am! We caught the tram to the ferry station, and cruised comfortably into the city, where we cafe-hopped in order to get some work done. We explored Goteborg a bit more then headed home to do laundry – which in Swedish apartments is apparently a bit of a mission. The evening was full of South and Central America – pebre, causa rellena, Argentinian wine and Cubatón.

11/8 Wednesday As always, it was a rush to get out of the house in time, and in our haste we left our beloved coffee machine behind. So it was with sad hearts that we caught the train to Stockholm. We stayed with Niklas, who we met in Lithuania in 2007, it was great to catch up with him again! He lives a fair way out of the central city, but we made the most of the location by going for a walk in the forest after dinner.

12/8 Thursday Since Niklas doesn’t have wifi at home, we couldn’t really work there, so instead we headed into his office for the morning. It was awesome, we got up, commuted, got to the office dead on 9 o’clock, and worked hard until lunch when we gave up on pretending and went to see Stockholm. We met Ulrike, a friend of Niklas’s, for lunch then wandered around the old town and harbour. In the evening we went for another walk in the forest – it’s so good to be hiking again!

13/8 Friday It was time for a sleep in, so we got up late then packed a picnic for lunch, which we ate on an island in Stockholm harbour, from where we could see the cruise ships setting off. We wandered around the island then took an old tram to the centre of the city, from where we got on the wrong metro twice before giving up and walking to a concert/dance competition where we were meeting more friends of Niklas’s. It was a free event and the outdoor auditorium was totally packed out – and although the dance style wasn’t really to our tastes there was a great atmosphere. We enjoyed chatting with Niklas’s friends then had tasty fish burgers from a street vendor before heading home.

14/8 Saturday Ahhh sleeping in is so good! We’d failed to record the podcast on Friday, so we did that then packed up another picnic – this time for the beach. Niklas took us to a gorgeous beach that wasn’t too busy, and we relaxed, swam and played frisbee before walking home through the forest.

15/8 Sunday It seems to be a theme – we left Niklas’s place in a bit of a hurry, but managed to catch the bus which took us to the central city. Finding a cafe with wifi was another mission, but we succeeded and were even on the train to Ostersund with six minutes to spare! Our couchsurfing host Benny met us at the station and took us for a long walk after dinner – since it got dark at about 11pm, we could stay out as late as we wanted.

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