We’ve spent the week working and thinking about the future — it’s looking good!

Monday 4/6: Knowing how efficient Spain tends to be (that is, not at all efficient), we’d expected to have to wait a couple of weeks for our internet to be connected. However, the phone rang first thing on Monday morning, and it was a Telefonica worker who wanted to come over to connect the phone line. He didn’t have the router (it was being sent separately) so we couldn’t get online, but it was amazing that it all happened so quickly — just one working day after we’d made the phone call to organise the contract.

The rest of the day was mostly work; we did a lot of editing and recorded the podcast, and I went to school in the evening. I got paid, too, which was very exciting — now I might actually be able to get an ATM card.

Tuesday 5/6: I headed to school and the supermarket in the morning, and when I came home Craig was very happy — the router had arrived and we were back online! It was truly incredible how quickly it had all happened, and the internet speeds are good too.

A Coruna waterfront
A Coruna waterfront

After lunch and our walk I headed back to school for an evening class, and we spent the evening doing not much at all.

Wednesday  6/6: We both got quite a lot of work done, which was awesome, and had time for a walk along the beach before my lone hour of teaching at 4pm.

A Corunan street art

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