Another week of sun and adventure, plus a new year to celebrate! It’s been awesome.

27/12 Monday The week started well, with our second day on the Surf & Sun tour. We went sandboarding, visited the Remarkable Rocks, saw the Australian sea lions, ate kangaroo for lunch after an excellent bird show, and spent some time at the beach – complete with beach cricket. We left the tour after watching the pelican show, then headed to our hostel for the night. The hostel was mostly empty but we managed to convince Lee, who was sharing our room with us, to come to see the penguins at the KI Penguin Centre with us. It was interesting to see the baby penguins, the parents coming home, and the moulting penguins all in one tour.

The Pelican Man at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island
The Pelican Man at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island
28/12 Tuesday We were super unimpressed with our hostel, so we spent a bit of time in the morning trying to find somewhere else to stay, organising transport for our evening activity, and rearranging our schedule. In the evening we headed to Vivonne Bay to go quad biking with KI Outdoor Action – and it was awesome. It was dusk so there were hundreds of kangaroos about, and we saw two mother koalas with their babies. I was on filming duties so I rode shotgun with the guide (which was great anyway!), but Craig had a fantastic time hooning up hills and around sand dunes.

29/12 Wednesday It was an early start, but well worth it. Andrew from KI Marine Adventures picked us up and took us to Emu Bay jetty, where we hopped on a boat to find some dolphins to swim with. Andrew found some pretty quickly, but we had to wait awhile for the rest of the pod to arrive; when they did, it was amazing. At one point about 30 dolphins swam underneath me, only about two or three metres away. We had lunch in Kingscote after cleaning up back at the hostel (the owner turned off the bathroom light while I was in the shower; we remain very very unimpressed with his establishment), then caught the ferry back to the mainland. My sister Anna very kindly picked us up from the terminal and we had a pleasant drive back to Henley Beach.

Quad biking at KI Outdoor Action, Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island
Quad biking at KI Outdoor Action, Vivonne Bay, Kangaroo Island
30/12 Thursday After several days without internet, we had to settle down to a bit of work. I spoke to my friend Julian in the morning, went shopping with Anna in the afternoon and played with Henry in the evening. A nice, balanced day.

31/12 Friday The last day of the year started with a fair bit of work, but we stopped in the afternoon to head to a BBQ at West Beach with some of (my brother-in-law) Mat’s workmates. Anna cooked an amazing dinner of enormous turkey legs, which we ate on the balcony, where Craig and I remained to see in the New Year. A quiet one, but shared with the most important person!

1/1/11 Saturday We didn’t stay up late the night before, but the first day of the year was marked by a serious sleep in. Craig brought me breakfast in bed, proving that he is the best husband in the world, but I eventually had to get up and do some work after all. Craig and I looked after Henry in the evening while Anna and Mat went out; I had fun playing Henry all sorts of terrible Spanish music – he likes Tito.

2/1 Sunday Anna dropped us in town early for our Barossa wine tasting tour with Groovy Grape Getaways. We visited four wineries, two of which I enjoyed and two I didn’t – Jacob’s Creek was a predictable disappointment. The guide was great, he cooked us a tasty lunch, and visiting the Whispering Wall was a fun added stop. I still prefer to do wine tasting in car-loads instead of bus-loads, but I can imagine that this tour would be perfect for someone travelling solo who wants an introduction to wine production and wine tasting. And all the people on the tour with us were awesome.

In the evening Anna and Mat took us out for Greek food for dinner, which was tasty though the service was a comedy of errors. (“What’s the difference between these two wines?” “Well, they’re just different wines.”) We finished the evening with ice-cream on the jetty and Henry’s first-ever spa – we went in too, to keep him company.

It’s sad that this is the end of our time in Adelaide, though we’re looking forward to the next adventure: the Northern Territory, a stop in Melbourne, then home to New Zealand.

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