The car has occupied our thoughts this week – from not working, to being at the mechanic’s, to being kind enough to take us up to the Barossa. Cheers, car.

6/12 Monday I got in touch with my sister to see if there was anything magic we could do to get the car going again, but when we made it back to Michelle’s the tricks didn’t work. So we called the mechanic, and caught a lift back to Henley Beach with the towie. The rest of the day was quite lethargic – but at least we’d got to see Michelle in the morning, she was awesome with helping us out about the car.

7/12 Tuesday The car was still sick, so it was an inside day for us. It would have been anyway, because in mid-afternoon a spectacular storm arrived, which continued long into the night – complete with driving rain, wind, thunder and the best lightning ever. Apart from watching that and working, we finally got around to going to the op shop across the road, whose stock was less than inspiring. Sadness.

8/12 Wednesday After a worky day, the mechanic called to say that the car was ready to go home, so we walked over to pick it up. On the way home we did a supermarket run, and had the brilliant idea to buy avocados for guacamole – so we spent the early evening on the deck watching the waves crash in and eating guacamole. Awesome.

9/12 Thursday We wanted to get a lot of work done today to keep the weekend clear, so we spent a fair bit of time in front of our computer screens; writing shownotes, editing articles and recording the podcast. The wind was fierce but it died down enough for us to have a second batch of guacamole outside.

10/12 Friday The plan was to have an early start to head off the Barossa, but it didn’t quite happen. We even managed to get take a couple of wrong turns along the way, but eventually we made it to Jess and Nev’s house. They’re mates of my sister who kindly invited us to visit, and we had a fantastic time. Nev, Craig and I headed out to do a bit of wine tasting in the afternoon; we only had time to visit Penfolds and Saltram, but they looked after us incredibly well in both wineries – we even got to try the Penfolds Grange, which is almost the Holy Grail of Australian wine. I can tell you, it was very good. Very good.

In the evening Nev and Jess put on an awesome barbecue, and we got to meet their friends and family. Everyone thought I looked like my sister and Nev kept calling me Anna, it was hilarious. (For the record though, we don’t look anything alike. Obviously.)

11/12 Saturday The Barossa Farmers Markets are a Saturday-morning tradition for Jess and Nev, and we all even got up early enough to go! We breakfasted on bacon and egg rolls piled with condiments then explored the rest of the stalls – and oh, there were some tasty things on offer.

We all visited two more wineries, including Maggie Beer’s farm shop where Nev and Jess are going to have their wedding reception. It’s a lovely venue; the peacocks seem to like it, anyway!

After a quick stop for bread and dukkah and to watch an episode of Review (hilarious) Craig and I took off to the Clare Valley to explore the wineries up there. It was late in the day but we managed to get to three quite different wineries: Knappstein, O’Leary Walker, and Eyre Creek. The Clare Valley has a Riesling focus, so of course we bought a bottle or two of that, as well as a very nice Grenache from Eyre Creek.

12/12 Sunday Ah, a perfect Sunday. We both stayed in bed until quite late, though Craig eventually got up to obtain coffee and make me breakfast in bed (I’m so lucky!). It was one of those days where we both worked but not too hard, and we finished it off with Riesling and dukkah on the deck.

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