24/5 Monday: We spent the morning at home with Camilo and Dani, who came over to say goodbye. They dropped us at the bus station where we caught up with Pablo, an ex-student of Craig’s. It was great to meet him and his dad, even though we didn’t get much time with them.

The bus to Buenos Aires was uneventful, but getting to our hostel once we arrived definitely wasn’t! We walked from the bus station, and to get to the hostel we had to cross the Avenida 9 de Julio, one of the main streets – which was packed with people celebrating the bicentenary. It was great. After finding our hostel, we dove back into the fray to get street food for dinner.

25/5 Tuesday: Today was Argentina’s 200th birthday, so we there was a lot of partying going on. We took advantage of the free subway (called subte here) and wandered around the docks. In the evening we met up with another Matias to have dinner, and joined the crowd at the obelisk to party with two million of our closest friends.

26/5 Wednesday: Janine has been having trouble with her wisdom tooth, and since there’s been a four-day holiday she couldn’t get it sorted until now. Today she found a dentist who was willing to have a look at it, and we managed to convince them to take it out. It felt like an adventure from start to finish – getting in the building (and out again) was one of the challenges, and then there was a lot of fun with Spanish. There were five of us in the room for the extraction – me, Janine, the dentist, the dental assistant, and the receptionist. It was like a party – well, I had fun! (Not so sure about Janine, after all she was having a tooth extracted.)

We did a bit of sight-seeing in the afternoon – Janine, Ange and I visited Recoleta cemetery where Eva Peron is buried. It’s a pretty amazing place, like a small city of tombs. In the evening we met up with Craig to go to “the best parrilla restaurant in BA”, La Cabrera. And it was awesome. The meat was tasty, and all of the mains came with a huge range of side dishes.

27/5 Thursday: We had to get up pretty early to hop in the taxi to the airport to see Janine off. It was a sad moment, seeing her being hurried through the gate by the security guard after she turned around to give us one last wave. Craig and I caught the bus back to the city, which took a spectacularly long time but at least was cheap.

The rest of the day was mostly spent working, though we did head out for dinner. We went to Pippo, which we later found out is a legendary local eatery.

28/5 Friday: Another work day today, though Ange and I did head out to buy bus tickets to Mendoza, and to try McDonald’s dulce de leche sundaes. I enjoyed chatting with Julie and Rhi via the wonders of the internet, and sushi for dinner was a major highlight.

29/5 Saturday: Yet another work day – we were having technical problems converting the book into a pdf. It looks amazing, we’re counting down to the release date on June 1. We’d hoped to get locro for dinner, which is a speciality of the region, but we left it too late and ended up having choripan from a street vendor. Well, Ange had a hamburger, which, unlike yesterday’s one, came with a bun – no salad though. We also got given food on the bus, but I really only wanted to eat the dulce de leche instant pudding. Why don’t we have that flavour back home? The movie was a bit insipid and we had a crying baby in front of us, but at least we got to play bingo! Otherwise, it was a pretty straightforward trip to Mendoza.

30/5 Sunday: We’ve taken a lot of buses where we’ve been woken up at 7am (or sometimes 2am) and told that we’ve arrived. But I much prefer the times (like today) when we can wake up when we feel like it and still have an hour or so to eat our alfajores and drift into alertness. We arrived in Mendoza at around 10.40 (right on time!) and had a coffee in a cafe before trying to find our hostel. Not as easy as you might think, since the street numbers change with the suburb, so there’s more than one place with this address. It made for a pleasant walk.

We worked for a bit then wandered around Mendoza, which seems to be 90% closed on a Sunday. We ate panchos and had hot chocolate and beer, and pretty soon we’re going to break open the first bottle of Mendozan wine – the first bottle here, that is.

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  • Makes me miss Buenos Aires. How awesome was La Cabrera? Sure, it's a bit more expensive, but totally worth it. Did the cats in the cemetery stalk you?

    on June 1, 2010 at 2:08 am Reply

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