The weather has put on a show for us this week, in true UK style – we’ve had sun, rain, wind and almost everything in-between. At least the company we’ve been keeping has made up for what the weather has been lacking.

13/9 Monday Our Couchsurfing host Joe had to head out to work at 8am, so we hitched a ride into town with him and spent an hour or so giving Leeds one last once-over before catching our train to Edinburgh. We had the worst seats on the train – going backwards, window obscured – but at least we got a bit of work done.

Andy Hayes, a friend from the online world who we first met in person at TBEX, met us at the station and steered us home through the rain. The afternoon was awesome – we sat around chatting and working and were all really productive. Maybe there is something to be said for working in an office. Or at least, an office environment.

In the evening we headed out to a Nepalese/Indian restaurant where the food was great and the lassis fantastic.

14/9 Tuesday Although we’ve visited Edinburgh a couple of times, we’ve never climbed Arthur’s Seat, the highest, craggiest hill in town. Well, today was the day, and the views were worth it even if we nearly got blown off – Andy took an awesome photo of my hair trying to escape my head.

We had lunch in a cute little tearoom, then ran all sorts of exciting errands before dinner.

15/9 Wednesday Andy isn’t sure if it counts as couchsurfing if you sleep on the kitchen floor, but I think it does. Sleeping in on the kitchen floor possibly isn’t as luxurious as it would be in a bed, but it was still nice to lie in and spend a lazy morning hanging around with Andy, getting a bit of work done.

Later, we headed out to walk the Water of Leith walkway, then Craig interviewed Andy for a future podcast. Next, we headed to Bishopbriggs (a suburb of Glasgow) where we are spending a few days with Craig’s relatives on his stepmother’s side. It’s good to see them again – it doesn’t feel like two and a half years!

16/9 Thursday Ah, a sleep-in in an actual bed! What luxury! We made the most of the wifi and achieved a few hours of work, with a break in the middle for a walk into town to eat a pastry and drink sugary soft drinks. Classy.

17/9 Friday We’ve left getting vaccinations for Asia extremely late, but Erik our travel-doctor friend said it was still worth it. So we headed into Glasgow to give away lots and lots of our money in exchange for a pain in the arm and a box of pills each. Glory.

Afterwards, we walked to Kelvingrove museum, with a stop along the way in a cute little tea room. Not that we drank tea, of course – they had flat whites! We enjoyed wandering around Kelvingrove, then headed back into town to look at the shops. In the evening we ate Chinese food and watched TV before bed.

18/9 Saturday Jerry surprised us by cooking a full Scottish breakfast, which was a tasty end to our time with him and Margaret. After breakfast they drove us over to East Kilbride, where we’re staying with Craig’s grandmother – she met us at her house, then Craig and I went out again to do some shopping. An evening full of pasta, chocolate and comedy was a nice way to round off the day.

19/9 Sunday The weather wasn’t that great, so we decided to have a day in. At least we had internet access – we weren’t expecting it and there was only one (closed) network – but the password was “password” so that wasn’t too difficult to hack.

We headed out in the afternoon to visit Jim and Anne – Craig’s uncle and aunt on his dad’s side. And after dinner we caught up with Marjorie, Craig’s aunt on his mum’s side. So, all in all, a good week full of family.

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