Our last week in Mui Ne was definitely characterized by rain. It rained almost every day, heavily on two of them. But on the whole it was a good week – we went on a tour, set up a whole bunch of new pages on ITP, and ate a lot of good food.

18/10 Monday Today was a good work day, we felt like we achieved things. In the afternoon, Craig did an interview while I went swimming in the warm but choppy sea.

Fresh spring rolls in Mui Ne, Vietnam
19/10 Tuesday We spent the morning inside, working, then headed to one of our favorite cafes to work at a table for a change – it’s much easier to do grammar exercises on a table. Craig had another interview in the evening, so we headed out for a late dinner after that.

20/10 Wednesday The electricity is a bit erratic here and turned off for an hour or so in the morning, very annoyingly since I’d arranged to talk to Julian on Skype. When I went inside after failing to have a coherent conversation with him, I touched the socket that we plug our kettle into and received the second electric shock of my life as a result – poor Craig was woken by a deep sleep by my yell. The day didn’t improve much, dinner was disappointing and it rained in the evening – the power cut in the middle of the storm was impressive though.

21/10 Thursday The power was on when I got up, but turned off an hour later, never to return. Well, not during daylight, anyway. We weren’t prepared for this and the laptop and iPod were both out of battery, so we spent the day reading actual paper books. We ventured out to have a coffee and play pool during a gap in the rain, which of course started again with a vengeance just after our coffee was delivered to our outdoor table.

We played pool until we couldn’t see the balls, then raced home through the rain, across the front yards of a variety of shops and guesthouses – the road was under 40cm of water. We got soaked but it felt like an adventure, and having to shower in the dark added to the feeling. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we ate dinner close to home.

22/10 Friday Another relaxed day, but without the excuse of a powercut.

22/10 Saturday We finally did something touristy today! After a normal morning, we joined a tour that took us to the Fairy Stream, the white sand dunes, the red canyon, and the red sand dunes. Walking up the river to see the falls was awesome, and we got incredibly sandy sliding down the dunes.

In the evening we met up for a drink with Mark and Rupert, who’d been on our tour, and two friends of theirs. We sat on the beach, drank too much beer, and watched the bonfire – it was really nice.

24/10 Sunday After a bit of a sleep-in, we walked up to Joe’s for Sunday breakfast. It was so tasty – omelette, pancakes, fruit, coffee, juice … it had it all. We also managed to buy tickets back to Saigon and went for a walk on the beach, in between periods of productivity.

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