It certainly hasn’t been an eventful week, unless you call rain an event – in which case, wow it’s been busy! We’ve basically just been working and enjoying the food in Mui Ne.

11/10 Monday The week started as it meant to continue, with lots and lots of rain. We went for a short walk on the beach after lunch, and ate dinner close to home in case the rain started again. I left Craig at the restaurant and went to buy my breakfast (mmm coconut cakes) but got caught in a sudden downpour on the way back, and got soaked despite having an umbrella. We were stuck in the restaurant by the torrential rain, which caused flooding in the streets – when we could finally leave, Craig had to give me a piggy back through a particularly deep puddle. And that was after the drain pipe above our table burst and showered me with its contents – definitely an adventure of an evening.

12/10 Tuesday Ah, a sunny day! We caught a taxi down the road to the fishing village to find a screwdriver so that Craig could fix my laptop. First, we stopped into the most insalubrious market we’ve seen on our trip so far, then decided to try our luck further down the road. We found two screwdrivers and picked up a few other things as well, in between being greeted wildly by cute schoolchildren.

Sadly, Craig couldn’t open all the screws on the laptop (since it’s pretty beaten out of shape) and I’m still without a computer – it’s lying in pieces on a shelf at the moment. At least we found a great place for lunch burgers!

13/10 Wednesday A great day for study for me, I spoke to quite a few people in Spanish (okay, two people), and one mentioned he was watching the Chilean mine rescue. We switched on the TV in time to see the second miner emerge, then left the TV on for the rest of the day – mostly on mute though, the commentary got annoying very quickly. In the evening we met up with Greg from and his partner Alex, and had a nice meal with them followed by cheap mojitos. Excellent!

14/10 Thursday Today was a pretty standard work day, accentuated by rain. We’d hoped to meet Greg and Alex for dinner again, but we didn’t fancy the wet walk down the road.

15/10 Friday Another work day. I felt pretty blah in the afternoon, which wasn’t helped by an attempted nap. At least I won Catan, which cheered me up a bit. We tried to meet Greg and Alex again, but managed to miss them! Instead we stayed in and watched a couple of episodes of The Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman. It was hilarious to watch, mostly because we compared our experience of travel with theirs – we certainly didn’t have secretaries to help us prepare! But some of what they went through was just so familiar.

16/10 Saturday Today started pretty badly for me – I fainted. It was a bit scary waking up on the floor (in the bathroom, very embarrassing) and not knowing why I was there. I think I just tried to wake up too quickly. I’m fine now but had a fuzzy head for the rest of the day, and as a result turned down an opportunity to go to an outdoor concert with Greg and Alex. Instead we watched two more episodes of The Long Way Round.

17/10 Sunday Finally! We met Greg and Alex for brunch then said goodbye as they hopped on their bus to Nha Trang. Hopefully we’ll be able to catch up again in Thailand, since we all should be there at the same time. In the afternoon we relaxed and worked a bit, then headed to the beach for a swim – the water was so warm we didn’t want to get out.

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