At the end of our first week in Mui Ne, we’re feeling relaxed and settled in. Although it looks like windsurfing is off the cards, and the fates have it against our technology, we’ve got a fair bit of work done – and we’re enjoying the challenge of finding the best restaurant in town.

4/10 Monday Since we plan to spend three weeks here in Mui Ne, we wanted to find a nice place to stay, with all the essentials – a comfortable bed, wifi, and a way to make coffee. We booked in for another night at Mellow, whose facilities are a little basic, and set off for a walk to find our new home.

We actually only looked at three places, since the first guesthouse we stopped in had a really nice room available for a great price. There’s a private bathroom, wifi, air conditioning and a fridge, and it’s set a bit off the road so it’s not too loud. The owner provided us with a kettle and we bought a dinky filter machine for about NZ$1 to go with the coffee we’d brought from Ho Chi Minh City.

We also explored the town and beach a little, finding that the price of lessons somewhat destroy our plans to go windsurfing. It rained heavily in the evening, so we had dinner at Mellow and watched a couple of episodes of Glee.

White sands at Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam

5/10 Tuesday We checked out late and transferred immediately to our new home down the road. I pottered around unpacking then we went out for lunch – I’m trying the seafood noodles in all the local establishments to find the best ones. It’s a close competition! We also bought some essential supplies – namely soft drinks and water to stack the fridge with.

On the advice of Travelfish, we ate dinner at Lam Ton, about a five-minute walk from our place. It’s set to become our local since the food is tasty and cheap, it has beach views, and it’s close to the shop where I buy breakfast.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about breakfast – coffee’s sorted so Craig’s happy, but I have to eat. I don’t want to eat out because we’re doing that for lunch and dinner, and cereal is really expensive. But as we we walking home from Lam Ton we stopped at a shop that sells a type of coconut cake, and I bought two to try them out. Looks like I’m on to a winner! They’re tasty, filling, and cheap and we even have a fridge to keep them in.

6/10 Wednesday The first day of the new order went well. I got up early to speak with Julian on Skype, then woke up Craig to give him his computer back. He spent the rest of the day working on the laptop while I worked on my iPod. I’m planning to study Spanish half the time and work for the rest, and I’m really enjoying finding out what my iPod can do – it’s great for shooting and editing videos. It would be nice to have my laptop back, but we don’t have the technology – namely, screwdrivers. I did find the CDs Craig needs on an adventure that included speaking German, but apparently CDs just aren’t enough.

Linda drinks her coconut
7/10 Thursday Another work day. I couldn’t find anyone to speak with in the morning, so I played around with a couple of language-learning programs and made some new friends. Otherwise, we both did a lot of writing, Craig more than me. We went for a walk in the afternoon to check out a minigolf course, but we didn’t like the look of it and it was too dark to play anyway – it gets dark before 6pm here! Crazy.

8/10 Friday We’d planned to play minigolf in the afternoon (at a different course) but it started pelting down so it wouldn’t have been fun anyway. Ange was online so we talked to her for an hour or so then headed out for dinner and finished the day with Glee. Actually, the truth is that we’ve watched Glee every night this week and are going to run out of episodes very soon – and since there are 22 episodes, we have watched a fair bit!

9/10 Saturday I’ve been getting up early to use Craig’s laptop, which is working well for me – I like getting up at the same time every day but need to have a reason to do it. I spoke to Moroni for a while then gave Craig his laptop and coffee, and we worked until lunch. We finally managed to play minigolf at a course really near home; it’s a good course but really overpriced and completely empty of customers as a result. We had a great dinner at our other local (which is about 10 meters away from our place) then relaxed with Glee.

10/10 Sunday The idea was to have breakfast at our local, but Craig’s body wasn’t quite ready to ingest food so I was the only one eating. At least it was tasty – I tried the banana pancakes whose name is a synonym for travel in this area, and they were good. When we got home, Craig worked and I talked with one of my new friends for a while, which was nice. We went for a walk along the beach and stopped for cocktails at a leafy restaurant, and got stranded when it started raining.

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