It’s been another week of work, with a day-trip to Cadiz thrown in to make life a little more interesting.

Monday 3/12: We worked. No more to say, really.

Tuesday 4/12: After a sleep in and an afternoon of work, I headed out to a language exchange in a bar not too far from our place. Hugo was there but otherwise it was an exercise in meeting new people.

Wednesday 5/12: Another work day. I think the new theme looks awesome.

Christmas decorations in Jerez.

Thursday 6/12: My friend Monica invited me over to her place for a language exchange, so I caught the bus across town and spent an hour speaking English and an hour having my Spanish pronunciation ripped to shreds.

It was a public holiday and pelting with rain as well, so there were a lot fewer people at the language meet-up that I go to every Thursday. In fact, there were only four of us. We chatted for a while over a beer and then I tagged along with two of them when they decided to go to Damajuana, where I’d been on Tuesday. There were a lot more people there, including a couple of people I knew, which was nice.

Friday 7/12: We’d arranged to meet an ITP listener called Sam in Cádiz, where he was spending the long weekend, so we left the house at around 9am and made our way to the train station. We met Sam at the cathedral and found a cafe for a drink and a chat, then headed into the drizzle to explore the markets and then the fortress complex.

Luckily, the weather improved a little while we were in Cádiz.

We had a long tasty lunch in a sidrería (accompanied by cider) then visited an art exhibition before stopping for hot chocolate and churros in a small bar. Our last stop was in a “centre of interpretation” all about the 1812 constitution; it was a really good display, full of hands-on exhibits.

Party in the plaza.
On arrival at the station, we found that we’d just missed a train and had to wait almost an hour for the next one; we found a bar and I introduced Sam to tinto de verano. I think I might have spent too much time in Europe — I’m actually choosing to drink wine mixed with soft drink. Who have I become?! (In my defence, it’s very refreshing.)

Back in Jerez, there was a party going on in the square near our house — a small band was playing Spanish Christmas carols and many of the people crowed into the plaza were joining in.

Saturday 8/12: In an attempt to have a weekend, neither of us worked; I read my book and Craig played computer games. We went for a long walk to the outskirts of town in the afternoon, then spent the evening watching movies.

Jerez by night.

Sunday 9/12: After a quite impressive sleep-in, Craig brought me “breakfast” in bed. Later on, we headed out for a glass of most or two in a local restaurant — it was nice to be able to sit outside again, after the spectacularly cold weather we’d been having over the past two weeks or so.

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