It’s been another pretty slow week, but things are looking up: we’ve got a dehumidifier so our house is a lot more comfortable, and we’ve arranged to visit a whole lot of bodegas next week.

Monday 10/12: We stayed in and worked all day, nothing exciting.

Tuesday 11/12: After a day of work, we headed out to the English-speaking meetup that’s held every Tuesday. Ana and Diego were there, but they were at a different table so we only got to talk to them briefly at the end of the event. When we got home, we had dinner and watched The Birds — I can’t believe I’d never seen it!

Wednesday 12/12: In an attempt to spend more time out of the house, we had a planning meeting over coffee in a local café. In the evening, I hopped on Twitter for the Travel Generation TG Chat about North and South America. It was fun.

There are nativity scenes all around town at the moment.
Thursday 13/12: We headed to the library in the morning for a change of scene, and got quite a lot of productive work done. In the evening we went to the Thursday intercambio.

Friday 14/12: After another morning in the library, Craig interviewed Leah from Leah Travels about her European trip with Go With Oh, and cooked lunch. In the evening I headed over to Monica’s and later Craig and I watched Star Wars Episode One.

Saturday 15/12: Sleeping in is so wonderful, especially when it’s raining. When I finally got up I headed to the market to buy fish for lunch — since it was a public holiday last Saturday we’d missed out on our regular treat. It was delicious, thanks to Craig’s superior fish-cooking skills.

In the afternoon we went for a long walk around town, stopping in at various zambombas along the way. They were mostly outside, under large cafe umbrellas since there was intermittent rain all day, and we were drawn in by the music and the large crowd of people surrounding the musicians. I finally got to see the zambomba instrument in action — it’s really weird!

Later on, Ana and Diego picked us up and took us to a shopping centre so that we could buy a dehumidifier. Our house is awesome but very damp, so a dehumidifier was necessary. The shop we got it from also sells groceries, and they had a reasonable international section — so we also got rice paper, sweet Thai chili sauce, and an Indian curry sauce. Delicious, delicious things.

Back at home, we plugged in the dehumidifier and noticed the difference after just two games of Monopoly Deal. Ana and Diego stayed for a few more rounds, and we thanked them profusely as they left.

Sunday 16/12: Ah, lazy Sundays are awesome, especially when your husband does all the cooking. We had eggs for breakfast and ajo, a garlicky bready soup, for lunch — Craig wanted to try making it and I was very happy to try it. It was delicious.

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