After a week of work, we celebrated Easter twice — once with Sabine in Linz, who even made an Easter egg hunt for us, and once with Birgit and Felix in Orth an der Donau.

Monday 25/3: It was cold and unpleasant outside, so we stayed in and worked the whole morning. In the afternoon we visited Sabine at work and got her to print some documents for us, and in the evening we played games and watched TV. Fun times.

Linz is pretty in the snow.
Linz is pretty in the snow.
Tuesday 26/3: Craig spent the morning working but I braved the snow to head to the German consulate, in the hope that they could issue me a working holiday visa. However, they said I had to do it in Vienna (or Germany), so my mission was not a success. Luckily, I had to go to the supermarket so it wasn’t a wasted journey.

Sabine got off work early and we met at the cinema in the late afternoon to see Les Mis. I really enjoyed it, though I thought Hugh Jackman was quite out of tune in the minor songs — he did a great job on the important ones though.

In the evening we had soup for dinner, followed by a tasty Austrian dessert that Sabine prepared. Delicious.

Haribo pilgrimage.
Haribo pilgrimage.
Wednesday 27/3: Sabine didn’t have to be at work until 10.30, so she suggested a pilgrimage to the Haribo shop in Linz’s industrial area. It was amazing to see how many different types of sweets they had available, and we enjoyed filling our bucket with many of them.

We also visited Sabine’s mum in the pharmacy where she worked, to pick up some medicine for my stomach — I think I’d eaten too many sweets over the previous few days.

Back at home, Craig and I recorded the podcast then got down to more work, then spent the evening playing games and watching Sound City, a documentary by Dave Grohl.

Thursday 28/3: Sabine couldn’t believe we were going to be spending Easter with vegans, because we’d miss out on the traditional ham and eggs that Austrians eat. So, she made us a traditional Easter breakfast (complete with dyed eggs) for dinner. It was delicious! After dinner we watched Black Swan and played a couple of games before bed.

Easter breakfast.
Easter “breakfast”.

Friday 29/3: Since we’d enjoyed our Easter breakfast so much the night before, Sabine re-created it for brunch on Friday morning. She also prepared plates for Craig and me, with real eggs, chocolate eggs, and dark-chocolate bunnies, and hid them for us to find. I haven’t done an Easter egg hunt for about twenty years — it was great! Sadly, though, after brunch and a few rounds of Ligretto, we had to leave.

Our trip to Vienna (with Westbahn again) was smooth, and we met Birgit and Felix in a vegetarian restaurant near the Westbahnhof. We had to run a few errands before hopping on the train back to their place, and we also had time for a coffee in Europa.

Since there were going to be six of us at their place over the weekend, and the shops would be shut for two of the four days of our stay, we visited a couple of supermarkets and stocked up on food, then drove the last stretch to Orth an der Donau. We spent the evening chatting and eating, and turned in relatively early.

Saturday 30/3: Felix and Birgit’s place has changed a fair bit since we were there in October, and it’s starting to look great. The garden looks especially different, mostly because they’d cut down several trees, and on Saturday we cut down two more. Not without issues — the chainsaw got stuck in the first tree and we had to dismantle the fence to let the tree fall on to the neighbours’ property, and the second tree damaged a cherry tree on its way down. But at least we managed!

Tree felling.
Tree felling.

In the evening Paul and Caro from Germany arrived just as dinner (vegetable strudel) was ready to be served, so we ate together and spent the evening talking.

Sunday 31/3: Our plans to spend the day in the garden were scuttled by the two inches of snow that was on the ground when we got up (late). So we had a long breakfast and watched a movie (the Sightseers), then Birgit, Caro and I painted stones with plant names to be used as markers in the garden.

After a dinner of salads, potatoes and mini-strudels, we taught each other drinking games and played several of them before bed.

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