This week’s project has been to get as much of the pool done as possible. We’re certainly getting there, but it’s taking longer than we thought it would — which was probably to be expected!

Monday 24/10 The week started slowly, with a day at home working.

Tuesday 25/10 After a worky morning, Noah, Craig and I drove to the hardware store to get equipment to clean and paint the pool. It was an adventure; one that involved asking lots of questions and visiting many sections of the enormous store, some more than once. When we got home it was too late to start work, so we spent the evening relaxing.

Wednesday 26/10 It was a perfect day for working on the pool, so Craig and I headed outside in the morning to start sanding, then moved on to washing down the walls with a spectacularly toxic acid. We had to take a break in the afternoon when the sun was overhead because it was just too hot, but we got back into it in the late afternoon when the shade reappeared.

Thursday 27/10 After dropping Lila at school and having cafe con leche and medialunas for breakfast, we headed to school for a class on Photoshop. I don’t use Photoshop very much, so I demonstrated what not to do by showing the students Later, we went to an enormous fruit and vegetable market and bought an incredible supply of fruit and veg, which will probably last us at least a couple of days. Then we visited the bulk shopping supermarket, which was possibly a mistake… Let’s just say that the cupboards are now full.

One of the things we bought was empanada pastry, which I put to work as soon as we got home. The new additions to the Irreverent Empanada family: breakfast empanadas, three cheese (yum) and strawberry and ricotta.

In the afternoon Craig built a compost bin while I did a bit more sanding in the pool, and Noah attacked the dirtiest areas with acid.

Empanadas - apple, spinach
Irreverent Empanadas -- spinach and ricotta, apple and raisin

Friday 28/10 Definitely a day of progress! We did the last acid wash, cleaning down the floor of the pool, and waited for that to dry before filling the cracks and holes with sealant.

In the evening Noah took Craig and me over to a friend’s house for an empanada party. It was really fun; we met heaps of cool people, I learned how to do a proper empanada fold (although my first attempts were pretty rubbish), and the empanadas were really tasty. We carefully refrained from mentioning the Irreverent Empanada project, for fear of being lynched, but Leigh said later that they probably would have understood.

Chat Roulette
Chat Roulette

Saturday 29/10 We were all set to paint in the morning but the sealant hadn’t quite set, so we put it off until the afternoon — when it rained. Fail. At least I got to try out my new empanada fold — Lila and I made two very tasty batches of empanadas: spinach and ricotta, and apple and raisin. The best so far, I’d say.

Sunday 30/10 After emptying the rain out of the pool (the drainage system still isn’t working; yay for buckets), we decided once again not to paint for fear of rain. Tomorrow, definitely!

I spent the rest of the day catching up with some of my language partners (notably Maria from Spain and Luis de Chile) and watching Gran Reserva, a TV show set in a winery, which Maria told me about a while ago. In the evening Leigh introduced me to Chat Roulette, which was definitely an experience — mostly a boring one, but an experience nonetheless.

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  • I bet the thought of eventually using the pool keep you going:) The Empanadas look gorgeous! Yum:)

    on November 4, 2011 at 8:16 am Reply
    • Sure did! It's about half full now ... and about 35 degrees celcius!

      on November 7, 2011 at 7:34 pm Reply

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