Some weeks are more or less write-offs, and this week was one of those — full of rain, sickness, and phone calls. At least the phone calls were fun.

Monday 21/1: As usual, Monday was a work day — but this week there was a fair amount of frustration to it. After recording the podcast, we discovered that there was a lot of background buzz in the recording and we had to do it all over again. At least it was an interesting one to talk about!

A highlight of the day was speaking to my sister for an hour or so on Skype and catching up on her news.

Tuesday 22/1: Most of Tuesday was spent doing a final proof-read of the Las Vegas guidebook that’s coming out soon. It’s looking good!

In the afternoon I spoke to Oliva for an hour or so, and in the evening we mostly watched TV.

Wednesday 23/1: Near our place there’s a bar that occasionally advertises a €6 menu del dia. Last week we noticed the sign out on a Wednesday, so we ventured out there to see if we were in luck… but no. Instead, we went to 100 Montaditos again to make the most of their everything-for-€1-on-Wednesdays deal.

Mmm, tasty.
Mmm, tasty.

Our German class in the afternoon had a little less than the usual energy — Craig was a little sick and I couldn’t concentrate.

In the evening Craig went to bed early and I chatted to my Colombian friend Julian for an hour.

Some days you just have to stay in bed.
Some days you just have to stay in bed.
Thursday 24/1: Craig still wasn’t feeling well and I had no energy at all, so Thursday was pretty much a write-off. We did head out in the evening to have a drink in La Porvera; I stayed for the language exchange, which was fun, but Craig headed home to have a night in.

Friday 25/1: The rain was pelting down when I woke up, scuttling plans to hang out the washing. Fede didn’t want to park his new car in the city, so he picked me up and took me back to his place for our English class.

I had a dentist’s appointment in the evening — one of my teeth suddenly started aching and I thought I’d better overcome my fear of dentistry to have something done about it. The dentist and hygienist were both lovely, but they told me that I needed to have two wisdom teeth removed more or less urgently, as well as a bit of other work. Fun. They gave me a prescription for antibiotics and an appointment for Tuesday, and Craig and I celebrated with a glass of Amontillado in Plaza Plateros.

Yay for drugs!
Yay for drugs!
When we got home, I decided to make a few phone calls, and ended up talking to my mother, my father, and my brother — it was great to catch up with them all.

Saturday 26/1: I managed to drag myself out of bed at a reasonable hour to go for a run, and later took Craig to the market to buy fish for lunch. The vendor very kindly threw in an extra tuna steak for free, and gave us advice about how to cook it — and it was very tasty.

After an afternoon of lazing about, we went for a walk to the big supermarket on the outskirts of town, to stock up on such essentials as rice noodles and sweet chili sauce. In the evening, we rented the second Sherlock Holmes movie, which was good fun.

Sunday 27/1: Our long sleep in was somewhat disturbed by the neighbours turning the radio on at an ungodly hour, and said radio playing “Jingle Bells.” We got back to sleep again, and didn’t surface until 1pm — and I’d completely missed an appointment with Oliva.

Craig brought me “breakfast” in bed, and I spent most of the afternoon reading while Craig played his computer game. We headed out for a walk at dusk, but it was raining so we took refuge in 100 Montaditos — their €1 menu is valid on Sundays too.

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