It’s been a good week — we’ve mostly just been relaxing and working here in Salta, but there were a couple of adventures along the way.

Monday 10/10 The week started as we meant it to continue; we slept in then relaxed and worked for the rest of the day. It was a public holiday so Lila wasn’t at school, and an Australian friend of Leigh and Noah’s came around for lunch.

Tuesday 11/10 Craig and I both got a lot of work done during the day. In evening we headed out with Leigh and Noah to the opening of an exhibit in the art gallery; it was really interesting: 200 photos of writers to celebrate 200 years of Argentinean independence. There were snacks on offer that I found quintessentially Argentinean too: tiny empanadas and mini pastries filled with dulce de leche.

Afterwards we bought milanesa sandwiches from a takeaway place and ate them in the town square.

Wednesday 12/10 The task for today was to try to clean the pool, which has about a foot of water in the bottom of it, and which is inhabited by many tiny tadpoles and a couple of happy frogs. Sadly, our efforts came to nothing: the pump didn’t seem to want to pump out the water no matter what we tried. We’re still not sure whether the mechanism is blocked or if we need to hire a separate pump to get rid of the water; the pool guy who was supposed to come on Saturday could have told us had he ever turned up.

Thursday 13/10 We all left the house early to drop Lila off at school, then Leigh, Noah, Craig and I had coffee and medialunas at a nearby cafe before heading to school ourselves. Leigh and Noah teach a weekly class in a high school in a low-income area of Salta, where students can learn about new media and photography. Craig and I spoke about ITP then helped some of the students set up their own blogs. Afterwards we went shopping at an enormous supermarket and bought enough flour for a year.

Friday 14/10 After a work-focused morning, Craig and I headed out for a walk in the afternoon and even managed not to get lost.

Saturday 15/10 The morning started well: with pancakes. I think Leigh has the best recipe ever, they were so tasty! In the afternoon I did a bit of Spanish study while Craig worked, and in the evening Noah made an incredible asado.

Sunday 16/10 Another lazy day, but gloriously sunny!

Our plans for the next week are more of the same: work, help Leigh and Noah, and head into town a couple of times. Should be good.

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