Another week in Salta has finished and once again, the pool has dominated our thoughts and days. For a bit of balance, we headed out for the evening a couple of times, which made up for spending all day at home.

Monday 31/10 The preparation was done and we finally had a sunny day, so in the morning we got started with the task we’d been waiting for: painting. Set-up took a bit of time, including what felt like half an hour just to get the lid off the paint bucket. Finally we were ready though, and we spent the morning painting over the cracks that we’d sealed last week.

After an afternoon rest, we were back out there, this time to do the first full coat. I worked on the corners, rims and steps while Craig painted the walls with the large roller, then we worked together to paint the floor. It was satisfying to finish and head inside for a nice cold glass of water.

Tuesday 1/11 It was another really hot day, so we started early in order to get the second coat done by lunchtime. The paint dried quickly, so after dinner we rigged up the hoses to start filling it up… but unfortunately it’s going to be a slow process. There’s a water regulation system here in which the water is only turned on for a few hours at night, enough to fill a large tank in the roof of the house for use during the day. It’s a great system and I fully approve of it, but we’ll have to wait a bit to be able to use the pool.

breakfast tacos
Breakfast tacos

Wednesday 2/11 With our project completed, we were at a bit of a loose end — so we worked. In the afternoon Craig and I went for a walk and tried to put together a plan for the near future.

Thursday 3/11 Thursday is school day, so Leigh, Noah, Lila and I headed off in the early morning, leaving Craig at home with a sore stomach. After dropping Lila at her school, the rest of us had great coffee and the best medialunas thus far in a cafe in the city before heading to our school. Today the project was to plan a video to enter in a local competition, and to find similar videos on YouTube for inspiration.

Afterwards we visited the local market and the mall to get supplies for the week and Noah made summer rolls for lunch. These are my new favourite thing, I’m looking forward to making them at home when we get back!

In the afternoon I made the next installation of Irreverent Empanadas, banana and chocolate chip. They were tasty but we were all so full after milanesas and salad that we didn’t finish them all. Sad.

Linda with blueberries
In the art gallery

Friday 4/11 Mostly a work day, pleasantly broken up by breakfast tacos (thanks Noah). In the evening Leigh, Noah, Craig and I went to the opening of an art exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary art, where we were given sparkling wine and blueberries. Afterwards we went to an asado to celebrate the birthday of Hugh, a friend of Leigh and Noah’s.

Saturday 5/11
Another work day, during which Craig finished the first draft of the Travel Safety book that he’s writing with Craig Bidois. In the evening we met up with the mother of a friend of Lila’s for milanesa sandwiches.

Sunday 6/11 I managed to drop and damage my new glasses in the morning, so I wasn’t very impressed with myself. I spent a fair part of the day trying to find solutions but when none were forthcoming I gave up and watched Napoleon Dynamite with Craig, and Craig played chess with Noah.

The pool has been ever-so-slowly filling itself, we’re hoping by the end of next week it might be finished. I’ll keep you informed!

Partly-full pool
The pool on Monday morning

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