Sometimes just doing nothing much can be exactly what you’re after, and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks: catching up on writing, playing board games, and hanging out on the balcony.

Probably the most exciting thing we’ve done was register as residents; I’d made an appointment three weeks previously and this was the earliest slot available. Luckily the office was only a ten-minute walk from our place, we didn’t have to wait long in the extremely uncomfortable waiting room (no seats, strange), and everything went smoothly. Of course, one of the first things I did with my new residency was join the local library — I have to work on my library card collection! Plus they had a selection of board games to borrow, but we didn’t really enjoy the one I chose (the Name of the Rose, based on the book by Umberto Eco).

Compulsory "Berlin" image.
Compulsory “Berlin” image.

On the 13th we hopped on our bikes and cycled across town to our friend Norm’s place for a barbecue; Craig contributed his barbecuing expertise and spent most of his time outside stoking the coal and cooking the meat. I stayed inside and chatted with Norm’s friends — I even managed a few minutes in German!

The following Tuesday we decided to spend the afternoon outdoors, so we biked to the Tiergarten and found a sunny spot to lie in for a couple of hours. I’d made hummus to take along (I love having a blender!), which was a nice addition to the outing. In fact, I’ve spent a fair amount of time cooking recently: Craig’s particularly pleased with the healthy cookies I’ve made a couple of times.

Craig had read about a Honey Festival that was taking place on Saturday, so we headed out in the early afternoon and managed to get lost several times on the way. The festival was small but interesting; we had a glass of mead and tried out some microgreens in yogurt. Then, on Sunday, we spent the afternoon in the Tiergarten again.

So, we haven’t really been up to much, but it’s been good to relax and live a relatively normal life for a change!

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  • I have always wanted to travel to Berlin. I hear it's absolutely amazing. I have family in Germany and visiting would be a treat.

    on July 25, 2013 at 6:36 pm Reply

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