We’re well and truly settled in A Coruna now — we have internet access at home and I have a library card. Although the weather has been extremely changeable, we’re definitely enjoying our new base.

Monday 30/4: Since Tuesday was a holiday, we decided to do a few errands, such as getting me a sim card for the phone Oliva had given me. Unfortunately though, after waiting in line for twenty minutes and going through the interminable process of registering the sim (in Craig’s name, apparently I’d already bought too many sims), it turned out the phone was locked to another company.

Next, we headed to the library to pick up my library card (yay!) and enjoy the free wifi. Unfortunately, though, so many sites were blocked as to make the connection completely useless.

Instead, we went on a hunt for cafés with wifi and found one not far from home, where we worked for a couple of hours until our computer batteries were flat. After a bit of shopping and choripan for lunch, we found a bar just around the corner from our flat, where we spent another couple of hours.

In the evening, Oliva came around and we had burritos for dinner.

A Coruna views
A Coruna views

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  • Sounds like life is treating you well in A Coruna. Regarding the guidebook writing, is there any particular software/word processing you use? I only as because I lot of writers I know speak very highly of Scrivener, which was developed for Macs, as an organisational and word processing program.

    on May 9, 2012 at 2:29 am Reply

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