It’s been a tough week. The site’s been down due to an attack and Craig has spent all his time trying to fix it — not fun at all.

Monday 19/11: We spent most of the day at home (our couchsurfing home), me looking for English-teaching work and Craig trying to get the site back online.

Tuesday 20/11: Our excitement about moving into our own place was considerably dampened by the lack of a functioning business. We said goodbye to our couchsurfing hosts Diego and Ana, caught the bus to the centre of town, and met Isabel at about 6pm. She’d very thoughtfully equipped it with everything we could need, including salt, dishwashing liquid, and even shampoo — it was amazing!

Wednesday 21/11: The internet wasn’t up and running in our house yet, so we headed out in the late morning to find a café with wifi — which was easier said than done. Eventually, though, we found one and managed to do a fair bit of work before our batteries ran out.

Our place is awesome!
Soon after we got home, Isabel’s husband turned up to tell us that the router had arrived, so Craig went to his place to pick it up. I’d stupidly turned away the courier earlier in the day, not realising that a package for “José Manuel” was exactly what we wanted.

Thursday 22/11: Craig spent the whole day fighting the forces of evil, though I dragged him out for a mid-afternoon walk. In the evening, I went to a language-exchange meet-up at a bar not far from home, while he continued trying to get the site back online.

Friday 23/11: Progress seemed to be being made on the site, but it still wasn’t working as it should be. I headed across town to a job interview, conducted entirely in Spanish (which was disconcerting and slightly odd, given that it was for an English school), then came home to prepare for our housewarming party.

We’d invited Diego and Ana and their friends Fede and Lien (who we’d met the previous week) over for dinner, and it was great. Craig cooked up a light dinner of salad and tapas-style pork and capsicum skewers (with broccoli instead of pork for Ana, as she’s on a diet), and we all drank too much wine and talked for several hours.

Saturday 24/11: We slept in after our late night, then headed to the market to buy fish for lunch. It was delicious — I think this might need to become a habit.

Sunday 25/11: Another sleep-in was in order, after which Craig made me breakfast in bed (actually, it was more of a late lunch). He got on with fixing the site — and made some amazing breakthroughs — while I read my book and generally mooched around.

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