After a rainy four-day work week, we escaped A Coruna with Oliva, Guille and Mauri, and have started to explore Toledo and Madrid.

Monday 2/7: A morning of work was followed by lunch, more work, and a few games of Monopoly Deal with Griffin and Valerie. Nothing else to report, really.

Tuesday 3/7: I spoke to Oscar for an hour or so before heading to school; my student didn’t show up so I studied Spanish instead. After lunch Craig and I went for a long walk around to the port, then settled down to do more ITP work. In the evening Craig walked me halfway to my class on the other side of town, but with an ulterior motive: we had to go to the cafe where we buy our coffee since we’d run out.

That night we had a feast: Craig bought pimientos de Padrón and I got some hummus from a kebab shop. Delicious.

Wednesday 4/7: I spoke to my mum in the morning then got quite a bit of ITP editing done. After lunch we headed down to a cute little cupcake shop for free cupcakes in honour of the fourth of July — turns out the owner is an American. We took Griffin and Valerie with us, so it didn’t feel too strange to be celebrating a US holiday. After a bit more work we went over to their place for a bit of Yahtzee — you can see we’re expanding our games repertoire.

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