Summer decided to make a reappearance this week. We’ve spent time at the beach, hung out with our cool visitors Amanda and Dean, and jumped back into bureaucracy — I don’t know why I thought it might be coming to an end.

Monday 16/7: Last week the bank called me to say they’d be blocking my account if I didn’t take in my residency card. Since I hadn’t received it, a copy of the payment form would do. So I started my Monday with a walk to the bank to hand in the form, and stopped in at the police station to see if the card had arrived. Being Monday morning, though, a lot of people were waiting and I couldn’t be bothered. Instead I visited the supermarket to restock the cupboards after our holiday away.

I also had to call Jazztel to sort out our lack-of-payment issue. Turns out they’d tried to do a direct debit from my Spanish account (which has no money in it) despite me not giving authorisation for this, ever. I paid the bill by credit card over the phone, and I think it’s all sorted.

After lunch we went for a short walk then did a fair bit of editing before I had to head off to my evening class.

Maria Pita square.

Tuesday 17/7: A couple of listeners, Dean and Amanda, were coming to visit, so Craig headed to the train station to meet them and took them for a walk around the old town. I had to work but met them later (after stopping in at the phone store and painlessly putting credit on my phone), and we had lunch in our favourite pulpeira. Dean and Amanda have recently visited Iceland and walked the Camino de Santiago, so they had a lot of interesting stories to tell.

After lunch we spent half an hour or so at the beach in the glorious sunshine, then Amanda and Dean went for a walk while Craig headed home to make a phone call and I went to school.

Griffin and Valerie invited us over for a few rounds of Monopoly Deal in the afternoon, and we all went out for tapas for dinner in the evening — La Bombilla is open again!


Wednesday 18/7: In the morning, Dean and Amanda went for walk around the city while Craig and I worked on the Buenos Aires guidebook — we’re finally managing to cross off some of the sections on the post-it notes on the wall. Lunch was a menu del día, which unfortunately contained ears. After a few rounds of Monopoly Deal, we waved Amanda and Dean off at the bus stop, then went back to work. In the evening, I met up with Oliva, Guille, and Oliva’s cousin Susana for a short walk before heading to my evening class.

Thursday 19/7: I’d been told to collect my ID card a month after handing in the paperwork, and that month was up today. Surprisingly, collecting it was quite straightforward: just a 20-minute walk to the police station, a 30-minute wait for my number to be called, and one minute for the clerk to find the card in the stack after I handed over my form and passport.

I stopped by the bank to show them the card, and they told me they’d unblock my account soon. Hmmm… I didn’t know that the account had been blocked. Good thing there wasn’t much money in it.

Breakfast with the neighbours.

After lunch we went for a walk to the sculpture park, and soon after we go home, the phone rang. It was the police, saying that Craig had to go in to sort out his residency. I was floored by the timing: they called the exact day that I’d finally finished sorting out my situation. Silly me for thinking that I might not have to go in for a while.

I had to teach the entire afternoon and evening, but Craig headed across the hall to play Monopoly Deal with Griffin and Valerie.

Friday 20/7: Once again, my day started at the police station. After a 45-minute wait, we were given a document outlining what Craig has to do to register as a resident of Spain. Basically, it involves printing out proof of funds, getting passport photos, and waiting in line again. Fun.

We headed to Siboney café for a coffee, then headed home to get some work done. In the afternoon I made hummus (yum) and we played a few rounds of Monopoly Deal with Valerie and Griffin. Later on we met up with Oliva, Guille, Susana, Laura and Alberto for tapas in O Recuncho de Mayte.

Mmmm bacon.

Saturday 21/7: For some reason, Valerie and Griffin decided not to extend their stay in A Coruna, and have left after only five weeks here. They invited us to their place for a farewell breakfast, then gave us three large bags of food and appliances that didn’t fit into their backpacks. We waved them off then went home to do not very much at all really.

In the evening I met up with Oliva, Guille, Susana, Alba and Javier for a wander around the mediaeval festival — it was awesome! The old town is the perfect location for it, and the goods for sale are mostly really beautiful and good quality. Lots of stall holders were dressed in mediaeval costume, and bands of wandering troubadours added to the atmosphere. It was awesome.


Afterwards, we had tapas at La Bombilla and another bar before heading home.

Sunday 22/7: Ah, Sundays. Today we slept in and Craig brought me breakfast in bed. When we eventually got up, we headed to the beach for a short swim and sunbathe, then went to the mediaeval festival so Craig could check it out.

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  • Ugh, isn't bureaucracy fun!? It sounds like you were able to get everything all figured out, so hopefully you can get back to the business of just living and enjoying your time in Spain! Your last Sunday sounds like absolutely blissful. I can't imagine a better day than one that begins with breakfast in bed and ends with sunbathing at the beach!

    on August 1, 2012 at 12:16 pm Reply

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