The plan for these three weeks in Adelaide is to get a lot of work done and to enjoy the sun. We’re doing pretty well on the work front – we’re really enjoying the new community aspect of the site and Craig’s powering on with creating country pages – but the weather wasn’t conducive to spending a lot of time outside. We did finally get out on the water on Saturday, which was awesome.

29/11 Monday The week started cloudy and cool, so we stayed in and worked for most of the day. Well, Craig worked and I practiced my Spanish with some agreeable Latin Americans via Skype.

30/11 Tuesday After a morning of work and Spanish, we headed down the road to meet Michelle, an ITP listener, and her two kids. They were staying at a holiday park not far from us; we had a nice lunch of fish and chips, and chatted about travel for a couple of hours. Afterwards we picked up some groceries and I joined the local library, which always makes me happy.

1/12 Wednesday After another work morning, we headed out into late-afternoon traffic to visit another branch of the library that I’d joined on Tuesday, since the Spanish section is located there. Sadly, they have a grand total of only 12 books in Spanish, as opposed to the hundreds in Vietnamese and Ukrainian, among other languages. At least it’s better than nothing!

2/12 Thursday Another day of work, Spanish, and watching the sea from the balcony. It’s a good life.

3/12 Friday A work day. We went for a walk in the afternoon, but otherwise we just saw a lot of our computer screens.

4/12 Saturday The weather today was the best we’ve had, so after a work morning (and a visit from Anna’s friend Nev) we pulled out the kayaks and went for a bit of a paddle. The beach was packed and everyone was in a good mood – it was fantastic. In the evening we wandered down to the bottle shop to pick up a bottle of white wine, and had fish and chips for dinner.

5/12 Sunday Sunday started with a nice long lazy lie-in, during which Craig brought me breakfast in bed (and thus proved himself to be the best husband ever). During the day, I watched a bit of Chile’s Telethon while Craig watched the cricket and we recorded two podcasts – the Indie Travel one and a new one about audio books we’re starting up. In the evening we headed over to Michelle’s place for dinner, which was lovely, except for the part where the car wouldn’t start for the return journey. Michelle lent us her car to get home in and we’re looking forward to contacting mechanics tomorrow.

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  • I really loved my time in Australia last summer. I hope you all continue to enjoy your trip!

    on December 6, 2010 at 11:47 am Reply

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