Adelaide is supposed to be a fantastic place to spend summer, but it has once again failed to turn on its charm for us. Another week of insipid weather meant we spent a lot of time inside, but at least we had good company!

13/12 Monday
After a day of work, Dave Dean arrived from Melbourne to visit us for a few days. He was suitably impressed by the house and the view; we decided to enjoy it immediately with beers, guacamole and pebre on the deck.

14/12 Tuesday
We all headed into town after lunch (pies!) where we met Dave from South Australia Tourism for coffee and a chat. Afterwards we headed to the Adelaide Markets and Chinatown for a snack, then to Rundle Mall – where we finally bought my new computer! It’s so beautiful and tiny and wonderful. Craig’s now jealous because my toys are newer and prettier than his ones.

A mate of Dave’s came over for a beer or two in the evening, so the four of us spent a pleasant few hours on the deck eating guacamole and chatting.

15/12 Wednesday
Not too much to report today – we all sat inside and worked. Well, the guys worked and I chatted with South Americans – that counts as work, right? Actually, the evening was productive for all of us, there must have been something in the air.

16/12 Thursday
December 16 is my dad’s birthday (happy birthday, Dad!) so I called him up for a chat, during which he reminded me that it was my half-birthday and sang me the half-birthday song. Dave and Craig were surprisingly reluctant to do the same, but my Chilean friend Luis (on prompting) sang me Happy Birthday in Spanish when we were talking on Skype later on.

Dave had brought his friend Beck with him from Melbourne, and she was staying with her brother in Glenelg. We decided that 8km wasn’t too far for a walk and set off to meet her in the early afternoon. We found a pub and had a few drinks then Beck’s brother joined us for Mexican for dinner. It was a fantastic afternoon and evening – Beck sang me a half-birthday song of her own devising and I think we covered all of the taboo subjects we could think of during our conversation at the bar. Plus I roped everyone into an impromptu Spanish lesson – priceless.

17/12 Friday
We felt like terrible hosts, but once again Dave, Craig and I sat around inside all day, working. In our defence, the weather was pretty terrible and we were quite productive. In the evening we watched Man on Wire, a documentary about the French guy who strung a tightrope between the Twin Towers in New York, and spent 45 minutes walking across it before being arrested.

18/12 Saturday
Dave headed off Melbourne-wards quite early, we got up to see him off but never quite woke up. Instead, we had a traditional lazy Saturday, lounging on the couch and watching the cricket … a genuine cultural activity!

19/12 Sunday
Anna, Mat and Henry flew in in the late morning; we picked them up, dropped their bags at home, and went straight out for a Christmas lunch with the Women Pilots’ Association of South Australia and the Northern Territory, of which Anna’s the president. The food was amazing and so was the company – everyone we talked to is an inspiration.

Anna, Mat and Henry retired for a long nap after getting up at 2:30am Adelaide time to catch their flight; while Craig and I relaxed and listened to the wind blow. There was a Christmas celebration in Henley S

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