Craig talks with Global Bag Tags founder Chris Truelove about his innovative bag tagging system with an 80%+ success rate for recovering lost bags.

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You can get a GBP2.00 discount at Global Bag Tags with the code ITPC.

Global Bag Tags are a simple system for tagging your bags and linking them to a global database. This gives finders a chance to return it and airline agents a sure-fire way of getting it to you. After registering your tag you are able to describe your bag and plot your itinerary online so that your bag can follow you wherever you go.

Chris talks about how he came up with the system and its ongoing success. With over 1,000,000 sold and a better-than-80% success rate, it’s a traveller’s entrepreneurial dream.

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You can get a GBP2.00 discount at Global Bag Tag with the code ITPC.

Our recommendation

We recommend these for people who fly often, especially through high-density airports. If you are concerned about airlines losing your luggage these are a good investment. For people who are mainly travelling overland, they may be useful but won’t protect you against theft.

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