We’ve had reviews on the site since its inception, but haven’t done a review podcast for some time. We have, however, had a lot of review articles going up – at least one every two weeks for the past few months. Every few months, we’ll round them up on the podcast for your listening pleasure.

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In this episode, we want to talk about some of the books and gear we’ve reviewed and why we liked them (or otherwise). We’ll also talk about some of the reviews that are coming up soon.

All these products were supplied for review, but our opinions are certainly our own. There’s no point in a review that doesn’t include the good with the bad.

How to find cheap airline tickets by Elizabeth Sanberg

The relaxed writing style and useful graphics mean that this is a useful, easy-to-read resource for anyone who wants some straightforward tips about how to find cheap air tickets. Formatting isn’t great, but we recommend it for people who want an easy solution for managing and understanding the many booking websites, and for those who just want to save money on booking air tickets.

Make money with your travel blog by Matthew Kepnes

If you’re looking to blog for a long time — more than a year — and consider it as a job rather than a travelogue, Matt’s ebook will condense and clarify much of the information available online and help you target it to a travel blog. If you’re interested in setting up a blog for fun or profit, but you don’t have time to search the web to compare free information, this book is also perfect. A current travel blogger could also find it useful to improve their SEO strategies and transition their site for long-term sustainability and possible profit.


We’ve spoken a lot about Spaceships recently, so you should know that this is a large car (people-mover sized) converted into a campervan. It comes equipped with a bed, DVD player, fridge, and a host of other accessories.

A Spaceship is a great way to see New Zealand — it’s easy to drive, comfortable to sleep in, and the support and accessories smooth the way even further (just avoid Tourist Radio). We’d recommend it for any independent or budget traveller who wants to see as much of New Zealand (or Australia, or the UK) as they can at a reasonable price. It’s also useful for families or travellers who plan to stay in motels or holiday parks, but want the freedom of being able to camp by a beach for a few days of the trip.

The Rough Guide to Ultimate Adventures

This is a book we’d keep on our coffee table, if we ever settled down long enough to have one. Opening a page at random will give you half a dozen ideas for further travel and motivate you to explore your backyard and learn some new skills, whether that’s basic climbing or working on your swimming skills. We’ve already been motivated to have a decent go at windsurfing this year and there’s a picture on page 173 which has me looking longingly at kayaks.

The Rough Guide to the World: Make the most of your time on Earth

Rough Guides are known for presenting an alternative view of popular destinations, for helping you have authentic experiences rather than package-holiday plastic trips. So you’d expect the Rough Guide to the World to be something special. Well, it is and it isn’t.

It is because it’s a beautiful, well-crafted coffee-table book that is great to dip into to discover new destinations and experiences. But those of us expecting to find all the best places to see in Earth will be disappointed — far too much is left out for it to really fill its remit.

Wanderlust and lipstick by Beth Whitman

As the title promises, W+L is a pretty definitive guide to travelling alone as a woman. The 19 sections of the book cover everything you might need to know: why to travel, how to choose a destination, and how to make it all work out well.

I’d recommend this book to anyone, male or female, who wants inspiration and solid information about travel. It’s especially useful for women who want to travel but need some encouragement, or who don’t feel they have the skills they need to travel alone. It’s also a good resource for any new traveller, to dip into before the trip or to use as an on-the-road resource.

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